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  1. arond the world in 8o days

    welll out 82 vews no friendas and posted fied requwest just dont get it hade blank nuber lasty time nun thiss UUUUUGGGG will never get sights wiolll just have whaght telll some one come rond but who ?? wish i cude chang my profirl pic to what i like willl see gesss ned more pics or some thing well TTFN
  2. got calll DA war r store

    yes we have get some 4ok stuf before we go brock agen to books and flash gits shude do lot refus to even with 120% dicont to the war and pies when the war store has 20% just go to it will have see my day has not bin going ok boring fore one two just not it like get out but did yesterday friday seen the box trolls its ok bit stimpunk fore me will get some marins dun got a books to reed on atabull xanth and rereed harry popter shud be fun see my spining cadel on the tube shud be good will see ...
  3. Balrog , Shadow and Flame (Gamesworkshop)

  4. Satan Stimulus (ALTAR MAKET)

  5. willllll seee

    got to add more or new pics to the mix shall have more more soon fix ing my foreth drop pod with scews and bolts and hinges you see i got made at it and thew it acrost the room got get the drill cant do it by hand hirts to much i HATE arthritest and hand and foot pain UUUUUUGGGG will get dun got some zombis and huters and paiting em fore the kids and get one huter and zombi and hand paied BY ME got ge em du youl see doses ernny one know how to change the profiel pic cant seem do it and cant ...
  6. 28 mm Warlord KGL light infantry

    I like very much painting these nice sculpts of Warlords . They are KGL light infantry at Waterloo . I hope you like them!
  7. Karl Franz sobre Garras de Muerte

    Bueno, pues esta es mi primera incursión en el mundo del warhammer, decir que es una figura con una calidad excepcional y muy agradecida de pintar , será cuestion de seguir investigando en esta marca .

  8. Pinup Twilight Knight

    HI this is my new work , and this is my first time to show my work in coolminiornot. thanks for guy watching
    i use oil painting and GW Pigments.
    And i take pictures by cell phon . i'm sorry photo look like unqualified.
    welcome everybody give me adives. but my english is poor please excuse me.
    Name:  未命名-1.jpg
Views: 534
Size:  655.4 KB
  9. Still no Tracking number


    WEELLs giot calll the war store must get 2 books and some big thing 4ok and do em up just so BLEEEPING &^^%%%&$#@ that did not go to that show wish known 3 week ago to other arament to get a ride some thing the wost taxi and that will destoy my speding buget 50 60 bucks to get thare and back and tip UUUURRRRGG the buss NO F@$$%%^@# HELP dam siitty bus line i dont know how enny one depens on it at all hek the toon network had the day of play and no toons on TV to staer at all day i see if thars ...
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