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  1. Back in PA

    Well after an extended leave of absence im back from sj ..and look here already painting.introducing Chaplain Grimaldus and his servitors 
  2. Man i havent touched...

    the computer for days!Well i finally finished commisar yarrick! really what a great fig man i cant imagine kicking ork butt like that in his age! totally terrified of posting it on cmon to see the score go striaght to hell....most of my stuff cant even get past 7 which really discourges me to post....mostly because ive seen worse do betterwell at least i can post it here with out feeling judged lol.
     ive sent up some more junk on ebay and ive started painting up this hybrid box ...
  3. Slow going and hey remember when we played epic 40k?

    Well id love to say that im trail blazing my way thru my mini's...but i slowed down a bit the last two days with the little errands piling up at my door its a wonder if i can get thrue 4 hours of painting....oh god i havent even done my laundry yet. but at least i have done 95% of commisar yarrick and 40% of ghazkull. Oh and btw for those of you who still play epic i have a huge list of of eldar vehicles im selling cheap.
    here are the pics.  There needs to be a little smoothing done ...

    And my girlfriend hates that about me i know thats its made from pigs butt and the snouts of devil dogs ...but it tastes so good.oh just to make ya drool here she is.Aint she lovely?
    Ive thrown some new acutions up as well todayBruno koenig for FOW and the butcher  Next up is finishing this guy! 
  5. Post turkey horrors!

    Ahh thanksgiving..a time to spend with family....well i told em take a hike IM PAINTING! Thats right i spent all my time as if im tom cruise...IN THE CLOSET!Im not much into wardrobe and man do i like my privacy so i just moved my painting junk in my closet and like a small rat or kobold i gleefuly paint in my hidey hole. Onto the horror...i had been painting 15 mm flames of war figures and upon completion i sprayed them down  with black primer thinking it was sealer! oh man what a horrible ...
  6. Well lookee lookee

    Ok so far so good here is an update to ghazkull and the butcher. Ok i workerd on ghaz here some more fixing up the nnm skull cap im still not too happy with the spikes but i think some black lining or inking will help out..the hey tho came out great and with little cones the real problem painting the bottome of that mouth with that damn peice of armor in the will also notice that im starting the highlights of the black areas of the armor...the colors so farreflective  ...
  7. Warcasters and armageddon heros

    Ok Im not much of a blogger, but im truly intrigued by the cmon at this time i have been mulling over my miniature collection....i LOVE MINI'S, BUT i have so many and nearly all of them are unpainted.I never ever have a chance to play the games associated with them and in truth i only got into the hobby to paint the suckers. Now adays im also on a tight budget and i almost never get to buy some of the new fascinating ones that are coming out now so its time to bid farewell to these little ...

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