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Painting and Modelling

  1. Warlord Update 11.09.08

    The Warlord Titan is Finished! I dont have final pics yet but here are some near complete painted quick pics. Also as i mentioned b4 we have included lights and Sound! Check out the fabulous Dirge track originaly composed by my good friend Nikolai Ruskin.
  2. Starting to Paint! 7.13.08

    The pre-paint building is complete. The painting of this project will be done by my buddy Sol and myself. Sol started by spraying each area with Citadel Roughcoat. This give the surface a slight texture. It works great on this project because it helps to unify the texture of all the differnt typs of matterials I used. Plus being a Chaos Titan we didnt want it to have perfectly smooth areas. Next the areas are bieng sprayed with black primer. The only paint that has been applied is a liberal drybrush ...
  3. Almost done!

    Well, the building phase is almost complete. Just a few finishing details and the internal electonics need to be added. Any votes out there for which titan legion to paint it? Right now i'm leaning towards Legio Mortis... Final Update before Painting should be up within a week.
  4. 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 5.26.08

    I've done a lot more work on the titan since my last update. I've added more detail to the carapace. I finished the feet. I finished the Vulcan Mega-Bolter. I added more detail to the head. I built the Volcano Cannon.
  5. 40k Chaos Warlord Titan BIG Update 2.24.08

     Heres the update i know some of you have been waiting for. As you can see she's getting prettier I've Added alot more detail. I've started giving it its Plastic card "skin" and added some icons. I added more detail to the feet, legs, chainfist, and missile launcher.
  6. WIP 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 2/20

    Here you can see I've constructed the basic head. I used foamcore, plastic card, polystyrene foam and some bits. Ive started adding some detail to the legs and Chainfist. Here im using high guage aluminum wire, acrylic half-circle rod, rubber tubes and more bits. My buddy Solomon started the design of the Apocalypse Missile Launcher bay for me. He used foamcore, plastic rods and bits from a Defiler kit. At this point you can get the basic appearance of the Titan with the existing componets connected. ...
  7. WIP 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 2/18

    Here you can see i have gotten most of the basic structure assembled. Ive added some panels using 1/2" foamcore. He now stands about 32" tall. Also the basic structure of the Titan close combat weapon was compleated.    
  8. WIP 40k Warlord Titan

    For the last 3 months i have been slowly working on a BIG project....designing and scratchbuilding a Warlord titan. here are a few pics of the beginnings, Its about a 12 up from the epic model. i used the epic model aswell as catolge pics to get the measurements then multiplied by 12 because its roughly the same ratio between Forgeworld epic and 40k. The core structure you see here is mostly pine and birch with 3/8 threaded rods at the hips. it's assembled with nails, screws and liquid nails. ...
  9. WIP Stormhammer

    This is a 40k Stormhammer that i converted from the new plastic Baneblade. Recently i have been using it to experiment with weathering technics  
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  10. I just moved in!

    I decided to move my hobby blog from everyone! 
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