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  1. WOW gold's Avatar
  2. WOW gold's Avatar
  3. Ricardo's Avatar
    This is tet best Scratch build model i Have seen in 12 years of playing 40k, I am so inspire right now I want to run to home depot and buy some wood and pvc pipe, but I have no idea where to start I have some ideas on how to start with legs, but I will truly appreciate guidance. I am thinking on basing all my legs with pvc and then start cutting the wood to provide the armour to the legs, should i start with the legs or torso? Can you help?
  4. 3dken's Avatar
    Just total awesome!!! Any chance you'll release the blueprints when you're done?
  5. skeeve's Avatar
    Hey, when do you start painting him?
  6. chris's Avatar
    Not normally a fan of the pointy chaos way... but that looks awesome, don't suppose u have n e templates or n e thing u could send my way so i could start building one of these bad boyz my self
  7. shinjikun1's Avatar
    this was the first time i'd worked with wood. I used mostly 3/8" pine and some birch plywood. My first choice was going to be MDF, but many people talked me out of it based on wieght, dust hazard, and cutting issues. But working with wood i realized you really need the proper tools, its nothing like styrene and x-actos :)
  8. ramora's Avatar
    Thats amazing man!! I'm working on one right now (been posting pics on Bolter and chain sword. I've been using mdf and it has is pros and cons and I was wondering how you liked the plywood? your legs are pretty much exactly how I am planning to do mine! That head is awesome!


  9. stubert's Avatar
    WOW Looking amazing now. Cant wait to see it finished.....stu.....
  10. shinjikun1's Avatar
    in each post i've listed materials i have used. I really don't have any blueprints its scratchbuilt from templates that i made from the first warlord post i described how i got my dimentions. i started by sketching out parts one by one.
  11. Adam's Avatar
    Your work looks great, I would love any help you could give me because I am interested in doing one myself if you have any blueprints that would be a great start also what materials you used.
  12. skeeve's Avatar
    A major spoiler. I saw this thing in the making. It is still in the making but much further along then these pictures and it is amazing. Keep these pictures coming :)
  13. stubert's Avatar
    Looks great so far. Keep the updates coming.....stu.....

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