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  1. Finecast or failcast ...

    I've just finished first of my Forge World Nurgle ogres (more pictures in gallery - check it out). Sculpts are very cool, with a lot of clear details, although minis are not easy to prepare well before painting. I bought those ogres before first finecast release. I've heard and read (and seen!) a lot about low finecast quality and it sounded very strange for me. Forge World has some problems with "miscasts" but it is rather uncommon now (IMHO) and overall quality is good. So why GW has ...
  2. Work completed - Karchev The Terrible

    I was stuck in my proffesional activities for last two weeks so I don't have enough time for blogging. Now I have litlle while for reveal something from my desk.
    Finally I managed to complete one of my Khador warcasters - Karchev. I don't have enough patience for such miniatures, with a lot of pipes, decorations, rivets and other stuff. So after initial enthusiasm with painting I end up with one thougt - "finish him".
    I'm still experimenting with lights for the pictures. I have quite ...
  3. New stuff in gallery

    I've just added some pictures to my Warriors of Chaos gallery. Most of my WoC army is painted on tabletop level. I'm master of slow painting competition so I've decided to lower quality for some speed in painting improvement. I've just finished few warriors and chaos hounds - an addition to units showed in gallery. Bases are not finished yet - I used to add grass and finishisng touches after coating with varnish.

  4. Wrath has come - short review

    Few days ago I received my copy of quite new Warmachine expansion - Wrath. I'm great fan of Warmachine/Hordes game, I was tracking all Wrath previews in NQ and now it lays just before me.
    From the book publication point of view this expansion keeps PP high standards. Cover art, illustrations, overall design and layout looks outstanding for me. But, to be honest, can we expect less from such company? I'm wargame player at first so I don't judge included fiction, You can love it or hate it. ...
  5. 3, 2, 1 ... go

    I've just started my first painting, gaming and grumbling log.
    Main reason to start this blog is to motivate myself to paint more models than I'm buying. Another reason is to do some exercise with a foreign language :-)
    I'll try to share with You - The Audience - some of my work, some tricks, ideas or feelings. Comments are welcome.
    Painting and Modelling ,

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