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  1. Finecast or failcast ...

    I've just finished first of my Forge World Nurgle ogres (more pictures in gallery - check it out). Sculpts are very cool, with a lot of clear details, although minis are not easy to prepare well before painting. I bought those ogres before first finecast release. I've heard and read (and seen!) a lot about low finecast quality and it sounded very strange for me. Forge World has some problems with "miscasts" but it is rather uncommon now (IMHO) and overall quality is good. So why GW has ...
  2. New stuff in gallery

    I've just added some pictures to my Warriors of Chaos gallery. Most of my WoC army is painted on tabletop level. I'm master of slow painting competition so I've decided to lower quality for some speed in painting improvement. I've just finished few warriors and chaos hounds - an addition to units showed in gallery. Bases are not finished yet - I used to add grass and finishisng touches after coating with varnish.


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