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Mea anima (my mind)

My random babbling and rambling a, occasionally a point or two

  1. my weird cg models

    Name:  teapot.jpg
Views: 1956
Size:  112.4 KBName:  stunner.jpg
Views: 2910
Size:  407.4 KBName:  bee anthro.jpg
Views: 1813
Size:  245.7 KBName:  anthro clothes reclining.jpg
Views: 1715
Size:  194.8 KBName:  perky succubus (front).jpg
Views: 1656
Size:  61.0 KBName:  rachel shaded.jpg
Views: 1707
Size:  82.4 KBtell me your thoughts on theses models and whether you would want miniatures of them
  2. CG and 3d modeled miniatures

    I have no clue whether my digitally created miniatures are welcomed here or not, but that is not the point. I will give the pro's and con's of using 3d modeling and printing to create miniatures.
    *Eases learning curve for creation of miniatures
    *3d printing is an expanding field
    *less time creating a mock up and printed models can be recycled if not wanted
    *allows for more intricate, detailed, and mind blowing miniatures

    *spamming of ...
    Tabletop Gaming , Other

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