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  1. Back on the Squiggoth - Lootas!

    Now that summer's winding down, the hobby mill picks up. I'm working on two projects now. One large and one small. The large one is a Stompa for Red Jack's Waaagh! and like the battlewagon, I'll be tracking that on a WIP log in the WIP and Projects log HEREThe other is of smaller ilk and it's a dozen lootas, I'll track/blog this one here. This is a mismatched set - I purchased  the Lootas weapons and arms off ebay (spares from the lootas/burna kit) and paired them with a regular set of boys. ...
  2. A New Orky Toy

    Just returned from vacation and boy am I stoked. One of the things my wife and I like to do while travelig is hitting bargain/junk shops. Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army and other non-brand named second hand stores. She looks for dishes and I look for sci-fi books and toys to loot. Here's my newest find this last week in Duluth (I love Duluth). It'll be Apocalyptic in nature for certain, justhave to figure out what it is capable of. I'll paint it in the next week or two since we've got a game ...

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