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  1. Stormboy Nob WIP - No Amazons Here...

    I'm sure you folks are getting as bored of the Stormboy Nob as you are of the Amazons. At least the Amazons are naked, right? :-)

    I put in an hour last night and finished some work on the big shoota and the powerklaw. I worked on some different techniques for brass and I'm not quite happy with the effect yet. Close, but not as happy as I am with the steel areas. I'm waiting to finish the small details like the rings in his arm and the chain on the gun until it's glued to the figure. ...
  2. All Hallow's Eve!

    As promised last week, I took photos last night of our yearly yard decoration for Halloween. Why yesterday and not today? Mother Nature. It seems she doesn't want to cooperate this year. Todays forecast is cold and windy. Since our setup for Halloween night uses three smoke generators, part of the effect will be lost.

    Otherwise, things will go as usual, scaring the kiddies!

    Here's some photos of the setup. New this year: 6 more tombstones, a giant kid friendly ghost, a ...
  3. Ork Stormboy Nob WIP - Big Guns

    Got a little more time last night so I worked on the Stormboy again. Finished up the Scorpion Green highlighting and called it good.

    It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that the pictures on the workbench aren't looking as good as real life, even with color correction in Photoshop, due to the lighting I use at my desk being much different than the ones when I "semi-professionally" shoot my models for CMON and my Big Shoota website. Oh well, I'll just ...
  4. Keep on Movin' On - Stormboy Style

    I went back last night a blacklined the wrappings and finished up the lip ring. Itried a NMM on the ring and it turned out, ehhhh, ok. I think I'll have to start my testing on NMM with a larger area. Better luck next time, I guess.

    I moved on to the skin on the arms and body. Same color progression here: Orkhide Shade -> Dark Angels Green -> Snot Green -> Goblin Green -> Scorpion Green. After the Goblin Green I wash with Dark Green Ink to blend the layers ...
  5. Stormboy Nob WIP - Gotta Start Somewhere

    I've started work on my Stormboy Nob. I usually start with the head, gives me something to look at, a character referece if you will, while I paint the rest of the model. The face is the most important part of a model and if it doesn't impart the character of the model, it just won't work. This one does, in my book. GRRRR!
    Last time I primed (white) and base colored the face area with GW Foundation Paint Orkhide Shade and washed the teeth in Chaos Black.I finished the teeth and gums after ...
  6. First 40K Gameday of the Season

    As I mentioned in a previous blog my friends and I only play Warhammer 40K from October to April to as the summer months here in Minnesota are taken up with yardwork, house projects and travel. This last weekend was our first Gameday of the '07-'08 season.

    We had three new(ish) tables to play on this year. A swamp/marsh, which in my opinion, was the best looking table this time. A fall colored midland forest that I think could have used and extra small ruin or two to liven up the table ...
  7. The Pendulum Swings Back - Terrain!

    My hobby swing has come back around to the 40K and miniatures world. This weeks obsession is with terrain. My gaming group doesn't play 40K very often, maybe 5-6 times a year, so I like to have new and interesting terrian to play on each time. This makes it easier to justify the scenarios and gives better narative to play by. We have the prerequisite forest, plains, mountainous, desert and ruined citiescape battlefields. We used 4x6 mdf boards covered by terrain matching cloth. Over this is placed ...
  8. 'Tis the Season to be SCARY!

    It's that time of year again. Vampires start waking from their coffins, werewolves get the itch and zombies burst forth from the ground looking for brains. Halloween is almost here so that means I spend half a day going up and down ladders getting tombstones and containers of decorations unpacked for the haunting season.

    My whole family is into Halloween and it's no surprise (to anyone who knows us) that we go all out for the occasion. Everyone dresses for work/school and the house ...
  9. Compulsion Swing - Now On to D&D!

    I've been a bit remiss in my modeling updates, heck, I've been remiss in my modeling - period. My compulsive behavior has shifted from WH40K and modeling to D&D recently.I run a homegrown campaign with my kids and their friends. I have a general outline of the overall story arc but nothing written too far out. This is good since I can build things that  happen to the characters into future events, makes them feel like they're really part of another world and their actions mean something. ...
  10. The New Orks - Wow!

    To understand this post you will need the information provided at these places:

    Leaked Codex: Ork (Speculation)

    UK Game Day 2007 photos at these locations (the forum has more throughout)

    Ok, ...
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