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  1. Decar's Avatar

    I had a quick go at this: I think it's ok, you should be able to print 1/2 A4 easily enough. I'd recommend putting the Special Abilities page from the rule book on the back (or something explaining gas).

    Let me know if you have any improvements!

    Here's a directory with some things
  2. littlematty's Avatar
    Thanks Decar for the Grid Attack Order cards. That will come in handy. If you can, I would love to get some reference cards for the attack and chain attack plays. It's a great idea being able to hand them out to people who are interested so they can hold them while I talk about it. Might help to sink in before play gets underway. Might also print some details on the back so it's a take home piece. Have things like our name, shop/boardgame group name, and some contact details.
  3. Decar's Avatar
    Sounds like you're going to have fun!

    I shared this a few times, but wanted to make sure you've got them - I point the arrow towards my opponent when working out grid attack order.

    Being able to hold it over the grid seems to make it easier for some people (maybe just me ); especially if there's no space to line up the tracking tile.

    If you want, I'll use the Scenario Editor to mock up what flat grid attacks and chain attacks look like; just let me know

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