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Toowoomba Gaming Legion (LittleMatty)


Here you will find a community in South-East Queensland Australia devoted to Rivet Wars and Zombicide game displays and demo days. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in contact with me. Look forward to playing some games!!!

  1. #1 Demo Display Day for Rivet Wars

    Just starting a post to keep track of ideas, dates, equipment required to run our first Rivet Wars demo day.

    Todo List:

    1. Look into ways to spread the word about the day - Posters at local gaming store, on Toowoomba Board Gamers forum.
    2. Finish painting Rivets for demo day
    3. Table to play on
    4. Provide refreshments
    5. Speak to Warren about date, location
    6. See if Warren can use his Rivet Wars kit as well
    7. See if Pinnacle will have a give-away or discount towards retail
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