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My blog as a beginner & made with love

I learned about this because my boyfriend paints those robots, from that popular game, the .... Workshop. War.... I forgot the name. He paints the armies for his brother and himself. He builds buildings also and he is actually really good. Warhammer it is. It just came back. ;-) He can do beautifull things with his airbrush.
Well, he gave me a robot to paint. I knew I liked the painting but that robot, it's not what I can do, I didn't like it.
He gave me one of his sexy russian girls. And yeah, I immediatly liked it and apparently with details already. My boyfriend gave some good lessons to start. Now I've made 5 miniatures and I want tot learn. I orderd a bus, a girl, naked. And mother of dragons also. I want tot learn tot paint skin. Tot make eyes. I want blending, I want it all. I know, I need tot have patience. ;-) First tutorials on You Tube.

  1. My page

    Come and see my page.
    If you have some advice for skin colors, please tell me because I have a female naked warrior to work on.

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