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J. Luis Mellado Valle: Miniaturas y modelismo

Blog dedicado al arte del modelismo y pintura de ministuras y maquetas.

  1. Paintng: Ghoul King / Strigoi

  2. Painting: Zombies (quick method)

  3. Painting: Zombie Dragon

  4. New spanish Youtube channel

    Hello. A few weeks ago I launched my own painting and modeling Youtube cannel.
    Agujero Hobby (hobby hole, in spanish) has old videos from previous channel project where I was participating as designer, editor and miniature painter. Now, I've decided to show my job for myself.

    As all my videos and work are ever FREE, I need your support to continue doing it. Please, think in contribute and donate for a simple coffee, I'll thank you very much:
  5. Vargheists painting video

  6. Dwarf Slayer painting video

  7. Ghouls painting video

  8. Abyssal Terror conversion and painting

  9. Heinrich Kemmler painting video

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