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Blog of Artem "Landreth" Romanov

  1. Celia

  2. Archonte of the Faathi

  3. Something new

    Three minis for Rotten Harvest 2008.
  4. Dwarf blacksmith

    This is 54mm scale dwarf sculpted by my good friend Sprigyn. Soon it'll be casted in resin an his other works too. Hope you like it)
  5. Dorian Smith

    Hi!Didn't write here for a long time. So, this is Dorian Smith. Making him from time to time. Legs and torso from unknown museteer, other stuff sculpted. I'll make him a new sunglasses, not satisfied with that.
  6. New minis in my Gallery

    ProwlerNelphaelRed Lioness for your comments and critics
  7. Red Lionesse

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