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Jan from WarGamingMamas

  1. Iron Wariors WIP that's what we're working on right now

    We've already painted some of them but rest of Iron Warriors are here.
    Name:  IMG_0149.JPG
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Size:  1.59 MB
    BTW - It is still WIP
  2. Void Shield Generator

  3. Wolsung Mary Fearless conversion

  4. Good Old Space Wolves WIP

    We're been working on these Space Wolves recently. Still not done Though.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images     
  5. Scouts

  6. Khorne Daemon Prince

  7. Tau Culexus Assassin

  8. Mastodon Some big Fella :-)

  9. Skitarii Rangers

  10. IXth Age Barbarians

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