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  1. Cryx - Blog 00

    I've been playing warmachine for about 3-4 months now and i started with Cygnar but i'll be running another journeyman slow grow league for the community here in Dubai in March and i'll be testing out my favourite faction, Cryx.
    The models for my battle group will be:
    Venethrax - 6 JP
    Deathjack - 12
    Bloodgorgers - 5
    General Gerlak Slaughterborn - 3
    Malice - 9
    Wraith Engine - 9
    Now i have 3 more points to ...
  2. Khador 02

    Well here is an update on my painting. I wanted to do something with a bit more colour than my Cryx, so i decided to work on my Khador models. After i finished doing the red highlights i wanted to do something with the large areas to make the model seem a bit more interesting so i added some freehand lettering on the shoulder areas. I particularly like the contrast of colours between the main colours and the base. So my juggernaut is done but my photography skills still suck so much, I also painted ...
  3. Cryx 15

    Ok so i've been busy again painting in my free time after a nice brisk jog in the heat last couple days. Im really happy with the way i've painted the arms they match up well with the model. I looked at the model and i wanted some other colours to break up the model a little, so i painted some of the corrugated piping on the model in a blue sort of energy feel to them. I haven't done any OSL on the model yet since im still trying to decide whether i like it or not on these models. I want to add ...
  4. Cryx Part 14

    Another update, such a hot day but i managed to get some painting done, finished the nmm on the back vents and torso, did the bulk of the dark armour plates above the head and on the shoulders, next step is a very time consuming part where lots of gold nmm all over the armour and then move onto the arms. Anyway enjoy and sorry about the poor picture quality, poor lighting in my room. Total Time: (45 hours)
  5. Cryx Part 13

    Ok so i've been busy painting more today, finishing the other leg and started work on part of the torso, i need to do some more gold nmm on the back and front of the torso and then i'll start work on the arms. So far so good, im happy with the result thus far but im trying so much not to rush or do the lazy way of blending/painting. I'd also like to try painting some faded runes into the larger armour plates of this little beastie but im not sure whether to use the colours im already using or a ...
  6. Cryx Part 12

    A quick update i've done one leg of the slayer and the metal hydraulics under the torso area of the slayer, sorry i paint so slowly but i hope i can do more soon. Its been so hot here the paint is drying too quickly too and its not too comfy to sit here for so long in this weather. oh well im hoping for a freak snow storm or something. Anyway enjoy the update.

    Total Time: (36 hours)
  7. Khador 01

    Well been busy glueing and cleaning up my khador boxed set. Omg they are the worse mold of any models i've ever had, spent a good 20 hours in total putting together the khador boxed set and preparing the bases and green stuffing everything together. Im glad i've finally gotten them done here's a quick sneak peek at them, but they're only primed.

    Note behind them i also have a devastator but i figured i'd paint that without the arms on so i can get into the deeper areas, but ...
  8. Cryx Part 11

    For the Cryx i finally finished off Denny but im not happy with the blades on the back of her so i will go back to her another time to make her look a bit smoother. I decided to give her a golden spear too because she was really grey and i wanted to break up the colour.
    I have started doing the bases on the warjacks for the Cryx. Trying to keep the industrial feel for the bases but then i thought i really want to paint a heavy warjack so i started working on the gold nmm on the slayer and im ...
  9. Cryx Part 10

    Well i had more time to work on my Denny, so i tidied up the purple on her skirt and the skin tones. Then i continued with the NMM grey on her armour and added gold nmm trim to parts of her armour. Im quite happy with the model at the moment, need to add highlights to the blades on her backpack thingy and paint her weapon too. Shouldn't take me too much longer.  
    Total Time (29 hours)
  10. Cryx Part 09

    Ok since im still thinking about this OSL on my defiler, i decided to move onto another model. Deneghra seemed like a nice one to move onto so i wanted to keep her having a dark feel, so i used toned down NMM on the armour plates and i will try and keep that effect throughout the model's armour. The skirt i wanted to it to be a dark colour but also a contrast to the rest of the model. I think it works really well, maybe the blending could be a bit smoother but nothing a nice wash could help. Total ...
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