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This blog is for world domination and my plans on how to amass armies and techniques in order to fulfill this goal. So mortals tremble at my feet and enjoy the progression of my work.

  1. WIP - Miners Std Bearer

    Well after completing the 2nd miner and my standard bearer, which took me ages btw. I have still low motivation in painting at the moment, maybe i need a change of pace or a break from painting. 
     Since i know i want to paint more i decided i must be crazy and need a change from army building, so i dug out a couple phoenix lords and i will paint one of them. But the question is which one? Also i gotta prep the base to make them more interesting, <milliput at the ready> i finally ...
  2. WiP - Dwarf Miners

    Well after 1 day of being lazy and just watching some anime (Heroic Age - very cool series with lots of fighting and big mecha) i managed to spark up some motivation to paint the dwarf miners i have, eventually completing one and about 70% done on a second. Keeping them in the same uniform as the dwarven warriors but giving them slightly less gold on their armour and more silver metal the first one turned out quite well (on the left of the photo). The second one is slowly getting there, still the ...
  3. Dwarf Thane

    Well here is the completed dwarf thane, i was a little bit skeptical about using red on the dragon parts of his helm but they work well to pick out the model and they match his cloak nicely so yay looks good to me. Trying to keep him in a similar uniform with the dwarf warriors i painted and i gave him a grey beard to signify his age and experience to become a thane. The cloak gave me some problems where i blended up from scab red> blood red>hints of fiery orange and skull white but the end ...
  4. WIP - Dwarf Thane

    Well i finally decided to start on another character and as always i spend alot longer on a character model than a normal soldier. Im pretty happy with the overall look at the moment, but i cant really decide on a colour scheme for the dragon'ey bits on his helm, im thinking a red/orange colour to go with the cloak. Obviously i have to finish the weapon and part of the helm, but i think im going to add some sort of extra fancy design on the cloak, maybe some runic pattern or celtic knot. Not sure ...
  5. Night Goblin Regiment no.2

    Well i've finally completed another regiment of night goblins. The blue shields work well in contrast with my first night goblin regiment. I also tried for the first time in my life a rust effect on the standard bearer. Im not usually one to paint weathering effect on a model since i've always liked sparkly clean armies but this turned out rather well i feel, i might try more weathering effects on other things, we shall see. But generally im very happy with my regiment, now onto more dwarves ! then ...
  6. Eldar Wraithguard

    Well as a test of my blending skills and some other random musings with my brush i decided to stop from my rank and file painting of dwarves and goblins to just paint a model i had lying around. I started to use a very thin coat of scab red and added progressive amounts of blood red. This gave a nice transition across the leg of the model. Then as a highlight i added a mix of orange and white progressively to give a more extreme highlighting.
      Looking pretty good i decided to keep ...
  7. Battle For Skull Pass, The Beginning.

    Battle For Skull Pass, The Beginning. Well i've always wanted some fantasy battle models, somehow i love the rank and file and nicely lined up regiments plus i wanted to start learning the rules too. What better way than to get the battle of skull pass boxed set GW are doing. I started painting the models and trying to think of colour schemes ...
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