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  1. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 01

    Ok not posted on my blog for a long time, so time for amends. Im a huge fan of pirates .. ok im obssessed, they are just too cool. So as part of a little event on Chest of Colors forum, i joined in the Tale of ? Gamers and started up a little project to do whilst i finish other armies.
    When maxmini released the ork pirate heads i instantly knew i wanted some ork pirates, but what for? I had been thinking about getting a proper necromunda gang painted up and useable with my friends when i ...
  2. Space Hulk Part 01

    Ok, so just before gamesday i managed to get a copy of space hulk which im dead chuffed about since i played it a few times when i was a kid and loved the game. The models themselves are so well detailed i cracked it open and started painting a couple of the models. The gold and stuff is actually done with a mix of metallic paint and some non-metallic paints, in some areas i think one dominated the other and vice versa but i have enjoyed painting these minis so far. Comments and crits very welcome. ...
  3. Gamesday Entry

    Well i have been fairly quiet last few months because i was working on some Gamesday entries. I went to my first GD a couple months ago and managed to get 2 finalist pin badges for my 2 entries. Im happy with the results and the input people have given me. I've definately learnt alot, anyway enough of the boring stuff and onto some piccys (some of these are during the wip stage).   Oh and i entered in my thousand sons dreadnought, i redid the base to something a bit fancier than the ...
  4. The Chaos Divide 18 - Finished Tsons

    Well finally i've managed to finish working on my last model for my tsons army. 1500 pts all painted up (will take pics soon of whole army). The dread was a fun piece to do and my first FW model. I wanted to test myself with both my blending and my NMM and i came up with this little thing, took me close to three weeks worth of painting (after work of course). Im happy and proud of both this model and the whole army. Comments and crits are always welcome.  
  5. Bonesinger

    Well i wanted a complete change from all the painting i've been doing so i decided to paint a model i wanted to do for a long time. I might even enter it in for Salute 09 but i am extremely happy with the results thus far. Comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
  6. The Chaos Divide 17

    Well as another update looks like i really am losing my concentration and patience for painting these, so i decided just to get these out the way. Although, saying that i do still have three more to go lol. But anyway for table top quality i think they are alright. Here is the piccy. 
  7. The Chaos Divide 16

    Here is another update, i decided rather then working on some obliterators i wanted to paint my chaos lord instead. Im happy with how he turned out and it gave me a chance to improve my grey nmm and my freehand work. Anyway here it is, comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
  8. The Chaos Divide 15

    Well as another update i've finished my terminators after being stricken by the flu, trying to find concentration and strength again is difficult. Overall im very happy with the whole squad and individually they are all of a fair tabletop standard. The blue's are all glazed and im happy with it all. Anyway comments and criticisms are welcome:

    The photos still have that yellow tinge from my lamps but one day i'll finish something during the day and i'll retake some pics using natural ...
  9. The Chaos Divide 14

    Heres a fairly big update from me, i have been working on my 2nd squad of thousand sons marines. In general i am happy with them, they are painted to a table top quality, but i did find myself losing focus after a while. I think for two reasons, first was that i have been working on tsons marines for the last two months now and the quality of the models were not as good as the first squad since they were a recycled chaos marine unit from my old original army. Anyway enough of my rambling here is ...
  10. The Chaos Divide 13

    I have currently finished 3 more tsons marines from my 2nd squad but i have also just done the leader of the squad too. I wanted something different for this squad so it wasn't identical to the other one, i darkened the armour colour of the blue and i used a different sorcerer model. The marines i used were my old recycled nightlords with the proper heads. Im really happy with this new sorcerer but comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
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