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  1. Nidzilla Project 01

    Ok so here is the first part of the monsters in my nidzilla army, i was testing different combos if colour on some rippers but settled for a red flesh with black carapace with purple highlights. A touch of green and blue for some colour offset. Im really happy with how it all looks the rippers look great, and i will be doing a step by step of my carnifex .. well kinda. I've based up the model and put on a base colour of foundation red on the model and inked it brown all over. No need to worry ...
  2. Space Wolf Army

    So i thought i post up some pics of my space wolf army, i painted them about 2-3 years ago now and they're in pretty good condition altho i will be repainting some, tidy up the paint job and give them more detail  Well my army consists of:3 dreadnoughts1 (15man) bloodclaw pack - 1 isnt painted
    4 (6man) grey hunterpacks - 1 pack isnt painted
    1 (5man) longfang pack - 2 arent painted
    1 (11 man) terminators - 6 arent painted
    which is alot of models but im awaiting the new ...
  3. WIP - Thousand Sons 02

    Well after a long long time of not painting anything to do with my 40k i finally got remotivated by a good friend of mine starting painting again. So i finished painting the model, im very happy with how he turned out but i think i will look more into painting tortured or screaming faces on the blue parts of the armour for something a bit more elaborate and i want something to test my free hand work. Im also wondering whether i should have done a stronger OSL from the purple stuff on the base. Anyway ...
  4. WIP - Thousand Sons

    Well as a break from all my army building and lack of motivation for rank and file painting i decided to just paint a thousand sons marine using NMM technique. Normally i will glue the whole model together to paint but with this model i decided to do it piece by piece. I used a small amount of green stuff to show those small cylinders on his leg. The blending is quite smooth and im happy with it the blue especially but i think with my yellow/golds i could possibly improving my technique there with ...
  5. Eldar Wraithguard

    Well as a test of my blending skills and some other random musings with my brush i decided to stop from my rank and file painting of dwarves and goblins to just paint a model i had lying around. I started to use a very thin coat of scab red and added progressive amounts of blood red. This gave a nice transition across the leg of the model. Then as a highlight i added a mix of orange and white progressively to give a more extreme highlighting.
      Looking pretty good i decided to keep ...
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