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  1. Cryx Part 06

    I hate leaving models incomplete, so i finished off the plates of amour at the side keeping it a dark colour and scheme. Once i was happy with the blending i started work on the gold nmm. Started with a dark brown and then a lighter brown, then i added small amounts of yellow and then some white. Working this up i managed to get a nice smooth blend then black spotted the bits i covered on the vent around the gun. Im happy with the end effect, might need a bit of cleaning up at the edges. Almost ...
  2. Cryx Part 05

    Well today i had a bit of time this morning and decided to continue with the painting, its looking much more complete and i corrected the knee colour a bit more i think in a few more days i might actually finish the model. I seem to be working quite quickly as painting goes. Still trying to get the nmm effect smooth so that when i do the glow effect of the green it will be easier.  Total Time (17 hours)
  3. Cryx Part 04

    Well i started painting one of the models, i wanted a dark feel to the model so the main armoured plates i used a mix of darkblue and black paint to get the base colour and progressively added grey to the mix its not a subtle highlight at all but i kinda got the effect i wanted anyway. The reason of doing it this way was so that i can then carefully put evil runes on the darker plates giving it a more "cryx-like" feel. Im happy with the gold nmm on the feet area but it could be a little ...
  4. Cryx Part 03

    Ok so after spending an evening drilling, filing and glueing stuff and my fingers together i was able to assemble the models and remove mold lines and green stuff any of the gaps. The slayer took me a little longer since its such a large model and i didnt finish green stuffing the arms until day 2 of the assembly process. Gave every model a black primer except for the slayer since the green stuff isn't dry yet. I'm so excited about painting the models so i painted the base of one of the models. ...
  5. Cryx Bases Part 02

    Ok after mixing up too much green stuff to strengthen the rota blades on my dwarven gyrocopter i wanted to do some constructive with the large mound which was left over. So i decided to add more detail to the bases for the Cryx models.  Looking around at other models, i added some extra plates and rivets to the models, and on one i added a small piece of piping. Im very happy with the look of the plates and rivets, but trying to get them a consistent size is quite difficult but i after working ...
  6. Cryx - A New Beginning

    Ok so i've been trying to finish my armies quickly so that i can start on more display type pieces and really test and learn some uber painting skills. So to try something out i've always been interested in, is Warmachine by Privateerpress. The models are awesome, the fluff is superb and simply on par with the warhammer (fantasy and 40k) fluff, the game system is quick simple to learn and alot more tactics are involved than in the GW systems. So i starting with the bases i wanted to do something ...
  7. Update - Hordes Building

    Ok so i haven't posted anything new in a while only due to sheer idle and laziness. But i have been busy when it comes to painting, i decided i was getting quite bored with rank and file models especially the goblin spider riders, they were looking at me with those evil gobbo eyes begging me to paint them or die a horrible death through sharp pointy stabby stick.

    So i finished off the squig herd unit of 30 models (or 2 x 15 models). Overall im very happy with each individual model and ...
  8. Motivation Comes Back - Goblin Archers - Dwarf Miners

    Well after a long break from painting and finding a job i finally found time and motivation to finish the dwarf miners and i even finished a unit of 20 night goblin archers !

    Overall im happy with both units, the dwarves especially. I found with the goblin archers you get from the battle for skull pass boxed set that they aren't very interesting at all so i was a bit stumped with how to add a bit more colour to them. Im content with the banner bearer but i think i'll replace ...
  9. WIP - Thousand Sons

    Well as a break from all my army building and lack of motivation for rank and file painting i decided to just paint a thousand sons marine using NMM technique. Normally i will glue the whole model together to paint but with this model i decided to do it piece by piece. I used a small amount of green stuff to show those small cylinders on his leg. The blending is quite smooth and im happy with it the blue especially but i think with my yellow/golds i could possibly improving my technique there with ...
  10. WIP - Miners Std Bearer

    Well after completing the 2nd miner and my standard bearer, which took me ages btw. I have still low motivation in painting at the moment, maybe i need a change of pace or a break from painting. 
     Since i know i want to paint more i decided i must be crazy and need a change from army building, so i dug out a couple phoenix lords and i will paint one of them. But the question is which one? Also i gotta prep the base to make them more interesting, <milliput at the ready> i finally ...
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