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  1. Waaaag!!!!

    <p>Had a great time at DaGrandWaaag over the weekend. I have to say it was awsome to game on the USS Hornet. Its not everyday you get to game on a WWII carrier of airy death! Waaag!!!</p>
    <p>How did I do? I don't want to talk about it. No, I lost EVERY game to horrible dice rolls and bad rules management on my part, but I still enjoyed myself. I did have a win in the second round, but I lost it after the regulation. I made sure that my opponent got his half of the turn after ...
  2. Deathmaster Sknitch

    <p><span style="color: black;"><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman;">Ok, so I'm kind of a whore for Skaven. There I said it! I can't help myself. It was the first army I started collecting back in the mid 80's, so, needless to say, I've amassed a rather large force of Skaven. I was almost beside myself when the new 7th ed. list was released and I got my first glimps at it. That was it, I had to have it. I ...
  3. Marines

    <p>Still working on my plague marine. Seems like its been a life time. No, really. I strarted the base coats of the greens and the metal back in the mid 90's. It wasn't until I saw the model Todd Swanson had done that I began puting two &amp; two together.</p>
    <p>Even then it's still taken me forever to act upon it.</p>
    <p><img src="" border="0" alt="New Plague Front View.jpg" ...
  4. My cherry......Hello World

    <p>Well, I've done it! This is my first blog (pronounced BLOOOoooogga).</p>
    <p>I'll miss my cherry. I can never go back. I can never again&nbsp;say I've never done it.&nbsp; Oh well, I guess you got to grow up sooner or later.</p>
    <p>Now, will I continue to follow up with this? I don't know, it would take a commitment that I'm sure I'm not prepared to make. Also I never know what it is that will come out of my mouth. I'm sure I'm going to offend ...

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