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One Year: Four Armies - Madness

  1. Week 9: Let the puppies run free

    Nine weeks have come and gone now, and I'm well on the way to completing all of the Chaos warhounds that I will need for my lists. In the list I have 17 warhounds. This week I have painted another 5 which takes my total to 15 (close but no coconut).

    I have opted to omit the horns and greenstuff over the gap. I believe that this keeps the chaps looking more like hounds and less like boars.

    I have tried to increase the contrast on both the fur and in the hair ...
  2. Week 3: A go at Crypt ghouls

    After spending the first two weeks with Chaos warhounds I thought that it was time to try my hand with a little Vampire Counts. Cypt ghouls feature in both of my vampire counts armies, so the logical conclusion was to have a go at them.
    The Vampire counts book states that these are living creatures and that "their skin is dark and filthy, their eyes bestial and insane, and their snarling lips reveal sharp pointed teeth". I therefore decided that I wanted these figures to look as if ...
  3. Week 2: Another 5 warhounds

    Ok, end of the second week and I have completed another 5 warhounds. This counts as another 40 painting points (each model is worth its unit strength squared in points) and places me 8 points ahead of schedule. I have a feeling I might need these points in hand at some point.I I have used the same technique on these as on the previous 5 warhounds, but have slightly changed the brown recipe. These are scorched brown to beastial brown, to a mix of dwarf flesh and beastial brown. The fur ...
  4. Week 1: 5 Chaos warhounds

    Week one is over and I have completed 5 chaos warhounds.

    This counts as 20 painting points [a model is worth its unit strength squared in points]. This is ahead of the number required to meet the deadline for the year (16 per week). So far so good.

    Amazingly this already counts as 8% of one of the Warriors of Chaos armies.
    The warhounds required a lot more greenstuff than I would have liked especially at the top of the head. Without this work they would look like they ...
  5. This years plan

    OK; its time to decide what I want to do in 2010. To this end I asked a friend of mine to pull together a 2000 point list for me for an army that would be competitive. He outdid himself and produced five lists. I liked the look of them and have decided that I would like to have a go at painting up four of the lists in a year. Two Vampire counts and two Warriors of Chaos armies (one of which is just for fun). Therefore I need to buy, assemble and paint the following…1 Vampire Lord, 1 ...
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