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  1. Space Hulk - Brother Zael (Heavy flamer)

    Another one. Here I attempted for the first time an extensive surface conversion. Part of the helmet, breastplate and shoulder pad were removed and replaced by crackling armor. Burning trinckets were added on the flamer side.The flamer was painted using MIG metallic pigments (also something new for me).

  2. USA Games Day 2011... Memphis?

    Interesting rumors have been circulating lately both on the internet and in person-to-person communications.
    The rumors had it for a while that GW North America is moving its HQ from Baltimore to Memphis, Tennessee, where they already have major production/distribution facilities.
    Couple of weeks ago our local manager suggested that the move of the HQ to Memphis is a distinct possibility. From business point of view it makes sense: Memphis is cheaper then Baltimore and they have ...
  3. Space wolf terminator - WIP

    Letelly, most of my minies stays in WIP state for ages. There is a stimul to finish this one though for it is sort of a commission. Originally this mini was concieved as a lone wolf. Coincidentally, at the time I was reading some 40K book that included detailed description of the Space Wolf 13th company. The idea of fighting for 10000 years in extremely unsanitary conditions sounded so appealing that I decided to try it out, or rather to try to paint it.

  4. Life and Camo patterns of the worlds

    Haven't been updating this blog for a while. I am painting but much slower nowadays. Other things are piling up. As somebody mentioned it " I was surprises to find out that real life sucks". There are three items in a various state of disarray, including a squad of blood angel terminators, nurgle blightdrone and new commission of a lone wolf. I will post terminators and the lone wolf as soon as manage to take pictures and for this I actually have to come home early for once.
    Meanwhile, In ...
  5. Space Hulk - Brother Deino

    I finally finished this guy. I have almost no time lately. May be after they fire me I will start painting full time but it hasn't happen yet.  Anyway, I still have issues with taking pictures of red minies, but thanks to Dragonsreach and Spacemunkie I think I am getting better. I made some changes compared to my previous space hulk guy. For example, I ditched all white heraldry in favor of NMM gold and I replaced purple gems by blue. Since this guy is a renowned sharpshooter I figured that ...
  6. Tree of Gondor

    is real. Spotted in Washington DC  and so is Shelob... also found nearby    
  7. Some logo/banner designs.

    From time to time I do various computer assisted designs an collages. Nothing too professional but occasionally it comes out pretty dissent. Here is a logo that I concocted for a certain gaming club, that could be easily converted to a banner. In fact I am working on a renegade version of this. This was done in Corel Draw and exists in a variety of vector formats, if anybody is interested -yell, I see what I can do  
  8. Inquisitorial land raider. More flatwork

    I finally finished everything I wanted to finish on this mini. The bad thing about commission is that you actually have to paint them , the good thing about commissions is that you can experiment and paint things that you wouldn't normally paint. This particular "mini" by the nature of request involved doing substantial amount of coherent freehand that I have never done before. Well, as a confidence building measure it was very useful.

  9. Happy Halloween

  10. Space Hulk - Brother Goriel

     Ok, This is my first ever painted space marine. Surprisingly this model was rather difficult for me for a number of reasons. 1) I never painted space marines before, I am not familiar with SMs heraldry, insignias, mythology and background. So a number of details was not really obvious how to paint. THis guy is a concoction of various blood angels I found here, on coolminiornot and various (often conflicting) advises ofered by my local people. 2) I have major problem painting red. This is not ...
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