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  1. pate's Avatar
    That's just... incredible!
  2. john's Avatar
    WOW! Great Job Yuri...I can't wait to get her back on the field of Battle! Will see u soon. J
  3. Observer's Avatar
    You,ve catched the flame!
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    Of course it will be prohibitive for some people, but so is going to the movies on the weekend. Personally I would rather have an event worth going to instead of a cheap one that isn't very enjoyable. After attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this year I have a much lower opinion of Games Day than before. There are much better ways to run events, and the scale/quality could be MUCH higher if they focus on fewer, better events rather than many weaker ones. Anyway we always did just fine in Canada with one Games Day, and we're geographically larger.
  5. skeeve's Avatar
    Well, I agree that 4 demons per year is too many but 1 is too few. THis is simply population and geography consideration. The USA is not UK or France it is just a bit too big and for many people spending $400-500 for intercontinental flight will be prohibitive. Yes, you will have more people on a consolidated event then on 4 different once, but you will not have 4 times more people.

    I don't think they are canceling Toronto, but I will bug some people for info.
  6. Jericho's Avatar
    Thank God, I've been praying for consolidated GW events schedules for years. Back when there were only a couple of shows per year they were high quality events with lots of cool stuff going on, and the painting competitions were a lot "deeper" if you know what I mean. There's been some pretty weak categories some years, something Atlanta was pretty famous for.

    I am worried that there won't be one in Canada, simply because I'd rather spend a week in Toronto than go to Chicago, Baltimore or LA. I know people there!

    Anyway I think they should have a Games Day in Vegas, the GW Managers have had some pretty epic meetings there over the years and I just think it would be a fun place to hang out before/after the show. Plus it's dirt cheap for flights/hotels there.
  7. slah's Avatar
    Excellent reference pictures - book marked!
  8. Nick's Avatar
    This is THE best painted Avatar I've seen on the web. Seriously, almost every version of this model comes off as too muddy or too gaudy but this tops all.
  9. Observer's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer! I`ll try to find something
  10. skeeve's Avatar
    Yes, I was think about throwing an urukhai or two but after I died fitted o=
    ne it became apparent that it doesn't really work. The pose of Boromir is very compact while whatever dead urukhai I could put will be very spread
    out. Visually it looks much bigger and disproportionate. So, I dropped the idea.
    About the base: 1) Leaves came from
    2) Moss is a combination of several fine grade modeling flocks(three different colors) - they are sold by many different vendors, mine came from Woodland scenic that I purchased locally
    3) Fern is a brass-etched "plant" that I buy from Hasselfree Miniatures but=
    I am sure that they are not making them. Again there are several vendors/manufacturers online, look for "brass-etched" plants.
  11. Observer's Avatar
    Nice work. Looking at pale face of Boromir it's no doubt he is almost dead. In my opinion the impression would be even more if you showed killed enemies around instead of throwing Urukhai shields and a helmet. Looking forward for other LOTR miniatures painted by you. By the way how did you make the base? I mean leaves, moss and fern.
  12. mathieu's Avatar

    Freaking nice job ! I'm actually waiting for my orks army that should arrive soon by mail, and when I saw your paint sheme I was impress by the skin.

    Could you e-mail me with detail on how you painted the skin ? Which color and wash you used ?

    Many thanks

  13. nadine's Avatar
    He looks fantastic. I don't know this sculpt but I can't tell where you added bits so that probably means you did good! :P

    I especially like the basework; the way the ground at his feet looks like it's melting is quite eye catching.
  14. skeeve's Avatar
    No, you are not. That would be "third-party sculpting" or something like this. I've been through this last year.
  15. Sukigod's Avatar
    Fantastic job, as usual skeeve! I've got this one from the AoBR box set and now I think I may have to paint up the nobs after seeing this one. Two Thumbs Up!
  16. Jarrett's Avatar
    Looks really great so far - I'm envious and want to get my hands on that model :)
  17. skeeve's Avatar
    Hi Jarred.
    I agree, this picture flattens out the mini. I had to use flash because it was rather dark in the area. Do you have a better picture? I would gladly either link to it or replace mine.
  18. arogers907's Avatar
    Heya Skeeve!

    Grats on the wins. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at GD. The highlight of the trip for me was meeting Meg, Jess, Steve, and Matt. If we both manage to make it next year I at very least wanna shake your hand and say hi. =)

    Grats again. Awesome work!

  19. mattsterbenz's Avatar
    Congrats on your trophies, Skeeve! Your mage is fantastic! A well deserved win. Thanks for posting some pictures of the other entries. Now I'm all hyped for LA! :)
  20. Jericho's Avatar
    Congrats on the pile of trophies, Skeeve. Hopefully I'll be taking a few home from the Canadian show next week *fingers crossed* :-D
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