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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    I would ignore that chain on the top. After you adjust 3 points (wrist, back "hose" and the weapon at the shoulder joint just gently bend it in place. In the end I glued everything end just filled holes. Now, I really have to work on wrist joint. As the moment it looks like crap
  2. Sukigod's Avatar
    Aggree with Sven, THanks for the heads up. I'm just now starting to paint and i see where I should wait untill I have some other parts glued (wrist, tube on back, etc.) I guess I'll have to paint some, glue and then paint some more.
  3. sven's Avatar
    Hm I guess I will have to do some careful planning before painting mine then!
  4. Sukigod's Avatar
    OK, I'm seriously digging the corrosion onthe metallics here. I get to pick mine up tomorrow - it's going to take all my will power to not put aside my trukk and work on this guy instead. I'll be tracking this one.
  5. sven's Avatar
    I think the Bible-knowledge seem to be very good judging from those numbers. As the numbers don't seem to differ between active christians or not. The actual Bible-knowledge of practicing christians aren't mentioned except an anecdotal evidence from George Lindbeck that concerns "church-going families"

    From my experience with more outspoken/fundamentalist christians is that they know their scriptures very very well.. certainly much better then I generally know facts before taking a stance in issues. Interpreting it is another matter all together though. It is of course a difference of knowing something and that the knowledge is true...

    And in the first matter of the boy believing the priest. Believing authorities is mostly in everyday life a rational thing to do as it saves tons of energy. You can't possibly think every matter through. Important decisions in life like religion or on what you should vote is of course something you should reflect about and not take anyones words for granted. But it is complicated, let me explain:

    If you didn't have authorities (theistic or atheistic people or litterature) you would neither believe or not believe in a spedicific God in a beliefsystem as it is a matter of faith(if you have a religious experience on your own you are not likely to attribute it to a belief system you are not aware of). So you need an authority to tell you what to believe before you can even question and reflect about it. Like your son might have you, and the other boy might have the priest...

    Ultimately it's not a question of what the Bible says it's a question of whether you believe in what it says or not (everything or parts of it).. and for that you don't have to read it all. Just as the many of those who consciously have chosen to not be Christians or Muslims haven't read the Bible or Koran..
  6. Sukigod's Avatar
    I agree with the above commentor. Great composition and use of the materials. Fine job!
  7. ampao's Avatar
    That looks sweet skeeve!

    I didnt realize you were in the forest hills area! I live in elmhurst! Love your minis! :D
  8. matty1001's Avatar
    Cool pictures, but your highlights seem blown out and you shadows are far to dark. Most evident on the Church (?) picture. And you just lose all the detail. If this detail is lost during editing (i.e. photoshop) you could go in with the dodge and burn and bring some of it back in, or if you have used a contrast adjustment just lower it a bit (or straighten out the curve if you have used an S curve). Alternatively use layer masks to control where you are putting the adjustments. But if these are as the came out of the camera then you may want to try messing with your exposure levels or try messing with the light settings, i.e. make the camera use an average light instead of the one you focus on.
    The red wall one is nice, lots of texture, but again the sky is blown out and is creeping onto the wall.
    PM or email me if you want any more info, i'm not an expert at this type of thing, but I do enjoy photgraphy post processing.
  9. skeeve's Avatar
    Well, when I painted at least 1800 point of it I will play it, I promise :) At the moment I am at 1200 and I hate to paint troops. In a various state of readines I have another squad of dire avengers bunch of patforms, three tanks (one prism/falcon/shadow veaver with replaceble turett) and two more wave serpent). All of these is on a backburner. I just started to paint the Forge World avatar... I hope I live through it:)
  10. Sukigod's Avatar
    These are fantastic! I love the Wave Serpent especially. Great detail and consistant color scheme across the board make this Eldar army something to behold. Is this a playing army or display only?
  11. skeeve's Avatar
    Well, I was painting this spawn as an entry for NYC painting competition and also as a gift for somebody. After I figured that I cannot enter I lost interest to this model, so in the end of the day I opt out for glowing eyes, without any details.
  12. Jeremy's Avatar
    Wow, I must say i am impressed with your spawn. Your painting has improved leaps and bounds. A little more practice and you will be ready for the golden demon painting competion. Are you going to paint his eyes on his head?
  13. skeeve's Avatar
    Ha! I missed that... so it must be a demonette next to it:)
  14. Gilvan Blight's Avatar
    Have to say that pink one is like a Real Life Slaaneesh tank.
  15. No Such Agency's Avatar
    Those are some real Rodents of Unusual Size!
  16. Jezzter's Avatar
    this is a very good example of blending. I like how your naturally combining the colors to have a realistic perspective. I notice that you like this color/shade of aqua blue. I would like to see you do more of the red with a pink in the highlights. The tattoo on the chest is excellent work, did you ink for the highlight to blend it or did you just varnish???

    excellent job overall, the beak is the highlight of the figure IMO... thanks for sharing!!
  17. skeeve's Avatar
    Thanks Tom,
    The way I see this (in ideal world where people actually think before deciding): you accept entries say till 30th, then you clear all display boxes in a store and put there all entries with number. Let them sit there for a week or two and during this time you collect people's votes. Sometime, before you actually unseal and count people's vote you perform official voting and set results aside. Then after a week or two you announce both official and popular votes.

    But, again this is in ideal world
  18. Tom's Avatar
    Nice rant :-)
    I agree, that date is ridiculous. I have an army I recently finished, be fun to enter it. No way I'm going in to the city on new years eve. LOL
  19. blackfly's Avatar
    that guy is a crazy mess of parts!

    I like it. :)
  20. Malekyth's Avatar
    Agh, at least two stores in the Boston area closed down within the past few months. There is one left that I know of, which is quite a ways north of Boston and probably not going to be on my itinerary any time soon.

    A co-worker and I were thinking that maybe they were just consolidating GW stores in a more central location, but so far there's no sign. I wonder if they'd been planning to pull stores for awhile, and that's why they buffed up their mail order?
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