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  1. Grumlok and Gazbag. Age of Reckoning limited edition warboss- WIP

    This is the Ork Warboss Grumlok with his buddy shaman Gazbag who are together leads the Bloody Sun Boyz from the Age of Reckoning. The miniature will be included into collector's edition of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning game and will be available sometimes in September/October. During the Games Day at Baltimore this mini was given to the winners of golden demons.
  2. Received my demons yesterday (July 9)

    As you might know resin Demon trophies from Baltimore 2008 did not set properly and were leaking resin. GW had to recast them and mail them out to winners. Yesterday they arrived all the way from UK, all three of them in perfect shape as demonic as one would expect them to be. Rather big too.
    Sooo, if you still don't have yours you should expect them soon.
  3. HIgh Elf "Dragon" Mage

    Finally, my camera is back and I can make decent pictures. Without spending to much time High-Elf Mage teaching a small fire Drake to fly . Comments are very much appreciated   
  4. The Official coverage of Baltimore 2008 Golden Demon is up 4&pIndex=0&aId=9000001&start=1Notice how much better the slaye sword minie look when, on the other hand... several minies are rather out of focus and completely bleached out. My only hope that between GW and the Stuff of Legends we will have one decent set.   
  5. Baltimore 2008 Games Day-small update

    This entry turned out to be rather long so if you want to skip verbiage just go in side.The Official coverage is up on GW site. 4&pIndex=0&aId=9000001&start=1 First and foremost I would like to apologize for the poor quality of images. The lesson learned never use strange cameras J. I also had my daughter in tow and that really limited my mobility. People who attend these events ...
  6. Hmm. New GW washes - more examples

    Since my camera is somewhere in China I have nothing better to do but posting links.Verm1s on the Warseer forums posted the most comprehensive test results for new GW washes I've seen so far. His original posting is here actual image - pretty, but kinda meaningles without his descriptionis here
  7. Paint matching across brands and manufacturers

    Somebody on found an amazing tool out there - a cute little webpage that matches paints from different manufacturers against each other. It has, I don't know how many manufactures... more then 30 for sure, and it matches paints again each other. And here is the link to the site
  8. The Death Korp of Krieg Commissar - completed

    I finished this guy recently. The idea of the base emerged from discussion on Relic forum. The headpiece of the spirit came from GW's Empire Wizard kit, the rest for sculpted. Thoughts and critics are always appreciated.       
  9. New GW washes with an example

    I posted this elsewhere but the response was so positive that I decided to post it here This was painted by one of employees in our local GW (Solomon Witt) I only took pictures.

    I am doing it from memory so I may skip a step or two but it went like this. I don't remember the number of drybrushing steps on claws, but the number of washing steps is exactly as described.

    1) prime white
    2) wash with Asurmen blue, leaving most of the claws unpainted. wait till dries ...
  10. New GW black primer with a picture

    By popular request new and old botles side by side, as lableled. Some differences, besides the obvious once are labeled. 
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