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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Yeah.. but they are trimming MY fat :). It is very difficult to be a business like GW in NYC - rents are too high and profit is pretty much fixed (you know the mantra 20% of your customers provide 80% of your profit...). As much as we love our local GW we can buy only so much from them... In addition in several cases they signed 10 year property leases and you really have to be very confident to tie yourself down like this.... And as for LOTR don't even get me started on this. Our local people after pressure from above put heroic efforts into trying to boost sales of this line but it is absolutely dead... Again these 20% that are responsible for 80% of the profit simply refuse to buy it after playing 2-3 times. The whole line is very very sad...
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    I remember hearing something about X number of the least profitable stores being closed down. It's kind of a shame to see 3 out of 4 in NY getting shut down. A Bunker would be cool though, one more reason to go to NYC some day :D Hopefully "trimming the fat" should help keep the company healthy though, I've always been worried that their attempts to take over the world would leave them spread thin and unable to keep things profitable. How many years left on the LOTR liscense? ;)
  3. Sukigod's Avatar
    I'm not normally in to Panzees (Ork player here) but I really do like the paint colors here. The purple and aqua tones are well chosen and well placed as well as the firey red accent color of the brushes. I can't say I'd have much advice in the way of improving them. Nice job.
  4. No Such Agency's Avatar
    If it was anyone else, a) nobody would care and b) there might be some leeway. But honestly I think the scientific community is sick of Watson constantly belching forth some sexist or bigoted crap and then getting away with it because he's WATSON. Somehow an intelligent scientist has managed to learn nothing from the last 40 years of social advancement, he still treats women like sex objects and makes jokes about minorities that would have made people cringe in the 70's...

    If you read his boring, arrogant book "The Double Helix", it turns out he was a grossly sexist, obnoxious twit back then too, so I guess he hasn't actually gotten WORSE...
  5. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    Personally I see both sides of the argument here. Yes, the climate is changing. Are we as inhabitants a factor? Yeah, I think so, but certainly not to the degree that some are making it out to be. The thing to remember is that the climate changed a shifted before man walked the earth. Also remember that in the 60s (I believe) there was a "Global Cooling" scare. The thing to remember is that "Climate Change" is a theory. Is there scientific evidence to back it? Sure. Is there scientific evidence to refute it? Also, sure. Is Al Gore a self aggrandizing politician? Sure. Is he worthy of winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe, maybe not. My only issue with it is this: What does alleged "Climate Change" have to do with world peace advancement? Someone explain that to me.
  6. Scott's Avatar
    It's another one of those arguements that polarises opinion - especially here on the web. You're quite right though: everyone and their dog are ready to offer their opinion on the subject, but that's all it is: opinion. Very rarely do I see any factual evidence from the nay-sayers.
    Gore deserves no recognition whatsoever here - this issue has been around since I was a kid. He's a timely band-wagon jumper, that's all. Still, better than ignoring the issue I suppose. The U.S has the opportunity to be at the forefront of developing new technology here - it's something that could give the flagging U.S economy a real boost: develop the tech, flog it to the world - especially China and India (on the back of an icreasing tidal wave of public support and international recognition) and try to cut some of those rapidly increasing trade deficits. It'd mean huge investment I suppose but the current U.S regime seems to want to waste any spare on arms and military spending....
  7. skeeve's Avatar
    1) I don't think anybody actually claiming this, people who do are simply ignorant. People, who use Ice age as an example of climate instability are ignorant as well and apparently are unaware about time scale involved. So, look for the better argument here, please

    2) Not sure, I understand what are talking about here. Variance of what? What does this number actually represent?

    3) Not sure what you are talking about here either. Worshiping free market and the ability (quite non-existent) for self-regulation is better in what way?

    4) Conspiracy theory. Yet another one. Hillary is talking about right-wing conspiracy, you - about socialist conspiracy. Frankly, I see no difference. Both are quite unsubstantiated.

    So, indeed Reid. A.Bouk :)))

    In general however, why do you think you are qualified to judge the scientific side of the argument? May I see a list of your publications in any peer- reviewed journal on any subject remotely related to planetology.

  8. Scott's Avatar
    People wonder why I don't teach anymore....

    I spent more time teaching kids how to pass tests than teaching them useful stuff!
  9. DaN's Avatar
    Ooooooh :P
    Spangly colours - why not put a thread in the WIP section? I love it so far :)
  10. the Infadel's Avatar
    i like this wip so far. the use of color is working out quite nicely. i would be very interested to know how you go about blending the chaos symbol into the surrounding area, as well as what colors you have used in and around the beak.
    nice work, j
  11. AinuLainour's Avatar
    Wooza!! I really like it so far! Keep us posted!
  12. AinuLainour's Avatar
    I can see really dirty, rusted metals on this guy. Keep up the good work :D
  13. uberdark's Avatar
    nicely done thus far. i like your bugs :)
  14. mich's Avatar
    XD the freelancer and the flies... Classic stuff
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