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  1. New Black primer from GW

    I think GW, perhaps for the first time, listened to the voice of reason. They changed the supplier of their primers (yet again). Last time they did (about a year ago) the black primers was relabeled as "Chaos black". This, supposedly, primer was giving very glossy finish, dried next to forever and was very sensitive to humidity condition. I just tested new black primer. The design of the bottle is slightly different, still labeled chaos black, but.... it is not shiny anymore , ...
  2. Commissar of Krieg - last update before basing and my first NMM attmept

    Last update .  A lot of things still need polishing. I am not sure I like his red undercoat. THe lower part seems to be too bright. Some brown smudges here and there need to be taken care of. This mini, by the way, is my first official attempt at NMM so any suggestions on this are appreciated. 
  3. The Death Korp of Krieg Commissar - an update

    Updated Commissar. Unfortunately as with many FW miniatures this one had a fair number of casting errors. I fixed many of them but it still an ongoing process. So far I like the guy; it is moving along quite nicely
  4. Hoggy the hedgehog project :)

    I am going to create several albums here with my wife’s drawings. Her favorite media is ink-drawing and watercoloring. Coincidentally both are  the most difficult to digitize but I’ll do my best. This album will be one of the two dedicated to the Hoggy Hedgehog project.  Hoggy the Hedgehog Several years ago Kate created a children’s book about a small hedgehog. The concept and art were hers. They took this project pretty far. This album is complete book model at ...
  5. Another WIP - commissar of Krieg

    Another attempt at black. This time it is reall black (meaning not black at all . I started with VMC Dark Grey shaded it with VMC German grey, shaded it more with 1:1 VMC German Grey: VGC Hexed Lichen, washed it over with very dilute VGC Hexed Lichen. Highlighted with 1:1 VMC German Grey:London Grey, highlighted it more with diluted electric blue. Some random green and brown washes were applied. Here is the result of this... In general I like the way it goes so far but taking this ...
  6. Mek with shock attack gun - last update

     I consider it done. I might return later on to do some light touch ups and corrections depending on feedback I might receive. Added base, which required substantial amount of conversion - one of these snotlings doesn't exist it had to be repositioned and arms had to be altered.  The leg that has not highlighted and chipped all over is the one Mek is stepping on so I ignored it.  Comments, suggestions and criticism are welcomed as always
  7. Big Mek with shockk atack gun - update

    It’s been awhile. To the point that some people inquired whether I am still alive – apparently there are some regular readersJ. Life of late was rather intense. Just got an e-mail from my boss saying that “the week from hell is over”. It’s been actually longer then a week but yesterday was the first day when I had more then 6 hours of sleep in a while. Anyway. I scrounge some hours today and worked a bit more on this guy. Comments and ideas are very much appreciated. ...
  8. Flu and I. Flu is winning

    Flu is one of the most horrible diseases. You have that impression that nothing really happens and all you have to deal with is just a minor discomfort.. not so… Anyway. I had  a bad one. I hoped that since I am sick I can as well paint. Ha! Not really. My eyes got tired in an hour… I actually ended up falling asleep right at my painting station… woke up rather confuse about two hours later. AS a result not much was done last week. I finally resumed painting my Ork with ...
  9. Monochromatic scheme study – a witch hunter

         Taking a break from my orks and inspired by a recent discussion on the forum I wanted to try something in a limited color palette. This mini was painted with exactly three pigments – chaos black, skull white and midnight blue. Originally it was completely black and white but then some joker said that it would be tournament illegal so I added blue (apparently adding the third color makes it legal). The base is probably temporary – I am waiting couple ...
  10. Mek with shock atack gun - another update

    After much swearing I assembled this model. Some tweaking will be required but that I will do only after green stuff cures solid. Anyway. The person who made the sculpture is a good sculptor but a horrible engineer.  In order to assemble this piece 4 different joints must come together in 3 dimensions. Even if we assume perfect 4 in each position it would require some efforts. But… Whoever saw perfect joints in metal miniatures raise the hand, how about ...
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