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  1. Tank reference pictures - some are rather "unusual"

    I spent some time yesterday looking for reference pictures of tanks in various state of demise. Found several, some sad some funny but all unusual. Anyway, may be somebody find them useful Tank GaveyardGet off your cell phone and drive !Flying tankTank ... in pink 
  2. New Chaos Spawn - Done

    I am done with this guy. Comments are appreciated or you can just vote when it is up on COMON, but comments are better.
  3. New Chaos Spawn (a lot of pictures) - WIP

    Well, It's a spawn, enough said. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated   
  4. Reaper Master Paints

    I am probably preaching to converted but for the last week I was painting exclusively with Reaper Master series paints so here it goes. I discovered this paints about a year ago, mainly because they are locally available in the place I often visit yet with the exception of black brush-on primer I never used them. They come in dropper bottles that are slightly smaller then Vallejo (14-15 ml instead of 17). What you immediately notice that overall concept of this line is developed with a lazy painter ...
  5. New project - finished base

    Before I disapear for Thanksgiving (what a waste of time, and I hoped I will be able to paint...). Here is an update of my spawn project. The base is almost finished, I probably will add some highlights on rats but later... when i get back from this "vacation".
  6. The chicken of doom

    It is just the final rendition of my chaos spawn. I finally got some time to sit down and process all these images I took some time ago. 
  7. new project - so far justa base :)

    Started another project, another spawn that I was supposed to paint sometime ago, So far just a base. 
  8. Dire avengers - almost done

    This is the squad I mentioned yesterday. Comment, suggestions and so on are welcomed and appreciated 1. 2.
  9. Chaos Spawn - Updated WIP

    Updated. Still need to finish his base and clean it up here and there.
  10. Chaos spawn WIP

    Well this model turned out to be then I could handle... Anyway semi-advanced WIP. Comments and thoughts are very much appreciated.
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