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  1. WIP-Big mek with shock atakk gun - update

    This is an uphill battle. The armor seem to be Ok, but making good pictures turned out to be challenging.  
  2. Big Mek with a shock atakk gun

    Well, this guy is at his early exploratory stages.  I seem to have issues with his skin. but again I can always strip him and repaint I suppose. I am quite happy with the way his gun coming along. Several more washes is needed but so far it doesn't look too bad   
  3. Warhammer in School

    I've heard some legends about a school teacher here in NYC (I think I might even know the person) who uses Warhammer to illustrate probability and statistics. Well we are not that advanced yet but .. My son, currently 11 had a 6th grade school project about wolfs. Part of the project was to make a diorama representing wolfs in natural environment. So, below is his diorama - wolfs in natural environment. For an 11 year old kid I consider this job very decent (Wolfs are from the wolf riders)
  4. Observations...

    Kids are growing and as a part of the process they become interested in certain questions… Yesterday, my son, who is 11 had a discussion with a friend of his (also 11) concerning the existence of God. I will refrain from the exact content but something really caught my attention…At some point he asked the guy whether he read the Bible. His friend immediately became very evasive but eventually was pressed into admitting that he did not, never have… but, he said, “my priest ...
  5. update on NYC pictures

    Added some more picture and removed some that Matty didn't like (i didn't like it either) NYC pictures
  6. New Album - NYC walls and the sky

    God... Coolmini is acting up today....NYC pictures I just started a new album where I will post some pictures of NYC I took recently. Long time ago in a black and white era and in a different place I used to do archetectural photography and some claimed that I was pretty good at it. Then it became forgoten for a long time until I received a small but very decent camera for this Christmas.So, here you'll find some pictures taken recently. I haven't decided on the format of this album yet ans how ...
  7. Another Megabattle

    Kids decided to try out that megafortres I have been building on and off for the last year (Images bellow). What you see here is a middle of 3000+3000 points battle of Orks against a very much mixed defenders (IG, Tyranids and some chaos). Well, one thing for sure with the number of level I created in this fortress you can easily put 3000 points with a lot of space to spare. I think it is more like 5000 points deal, especially if you want to put reserve inside the fortress itself. Defenders won ...
  8. High-elf mage/farseer - WIP

    Well, somewhat early WIP of an elf-mage/eladar farseer (converted by switching one arm). I am painting this mage under rather heavy influence... to those who red Chronicles of Amber this is Bleys (sp?). IN fact at some point I was really feeling like making all nine princes but for now it has to wait.Anyways. Commens are very much appreciated      
  9. Major update - three new albums added

    In the process of adjusting and restructuring I added 3 new albums covering several last year projects that either never made to coolmini or never made it in full. All in all about 30 pictures were added between three albums. The links are bellow. 1) Green Howling banshees 2) Green Wave Serpent 3) Striking Scorpions on Austin street Many of these pictures were taken by Richard Hale from The Stuff of Legends, who was covering Baltimore 2007 GD and was able to work inside ...
  10. The prize for the most difficult to clean mini goes to....

    YES! The new Orck Big Mek with a shock attack gun from game workshop. This kit is really something. First of all, for a pewter mini it is really multipart and I already see how much corrections I have to make in the near future. Mold lines are everywhere (multiplied by the number of parts). Flashes.. Those are even worse. The model has several sculpted chains with 3-4 flushes on EACH chain link. Lots of hiden flashes on his boots....Snotling... The whole thing is about 1 cm long and it had about ...
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