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  1. Slaanesh Hero & Grots With a Kanon.

    While I'm trying to finish my Chaos hero, the dark Gods doesen't work in my favour...
      Can't seem to get the face in order, and don't know what to do with the sword. Any suggestions are welcome.  Until i'm done you can admire one of my girlfriends Grot Kanons. I think it's amazingly kewl.
  2. Chaos Maruders

    So, i finished my first regiment of Chaos Maruders, for my new Chaos army. I haven't finished my last 10 skeleton spearmen for my VC army yet however. But I figured since the maruders have been gathering dust for quite some time i have to finish them first, while the skeletons are still in their unopened box. Very logical. This also means i have to finish my Juggernaut and my hero type before i can start on the skeletons. Anyways, back to the Maruders. I went for a "neutral look" ...
  3. Another Finished Mini.

    Ok, i have decided i can't start painting a new mini until i'm done painting all the unfinished ones. Otherwise i'll end up with 200 semi finished minis and have nothing to show for all those hours spent by the paint station (my kitchen table...)Here's todays finished mini. One of Rackhams Drune Kelts (I have another two...) I went for a deep red look instead of natural flesh, just to make him look a bit more demonic.   I'm pretty satisfied with this one.
  4. Khorne Warriors

    Here's my first regiment of Chaos Warriors.I tried to go for an alternative look, with bronze armour instead of the traditional red. Don't know if it's the light or what it is that makes the armour look like the same color as their boots. The armour however is a base of Valejo's black and brazen bronze, highlighted with brazen bronze and bright bronze, and washed with GW:s devlan mud. The boots are Beastial brown, washed with devlan mud.
    Here's a close up of the standard bearer, who's ...
  5. Something New.

    So, here I am, trying to backlog years of painting and forgotten stuff. I thought I'd make a timejump and see what i did two years ago, to compare with the Ogryn from 1992. This is a Cryx Bonejack that I bought almost two years ago. I bought the game, and bought a box of bad ass looking Cryx warjacks. On the box cover they are painted black and metal. I wanted something diffrent, sought out for some inspiration and found it. The bone details are still there. Nowdays i use ...
  6. Old Stuff

    So, i got myself a mini painter blog. I have tons of stuff stuffed away. I figure i have to do some sort of back log and show some of it. Currently i have a VC aemy for WHFB, I have some random minis for Warmachine and Confrontation and most likely there will be some more stuff wwhen i get around to it. Now, for todays showing. I have decided to show one of the very first minis i ever painted. It's an old WH40K Ogryn with a rippergun. Which apparently means i have to upload it to my photobucket ...
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