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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    I should've finished reading your post, bringing the Dragon would be a good idea for Fantasy Large Scale. I'm never gonna get my Stag or Unicorn riders done in time. I have no idea how I'd pack it up for transport though, the thing is huge obviously.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Games Day Toronto actually :-D It's a week after Baltimore. Apparently Robin (emopainterguy) can't afford the trip down anymore, which sucks. I was under the impression he was still coming with us.
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    So you are coming to Baltimore! Are you going to bring your wood Elf Dragon? I think you should, it looked amazing. As for a time tracking.. I am finishing my fantasy single entry... god I wish I caught flu or something (mild) so I can call a sick day or five :) Temperature outside doesn't help either
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    Heh, well the face isn't finished, I mixed up a basecoat that I liked and my friend Tom promptly kicked me out of his basement so he could get some sleep. It still needs all the hilights and shades, plus the eyes, mouth, etc. You're probably right about robes (or leather) reflecting a lof of light though. I just hate how much shine I get with WIP shots using P3 paints. Makes it harder to see the color underneath.
  5. skeeve's Avatar
    Good colors, not so sure about her face, looks kinda "thick" and somewhat "out of focus". Not sure how it could be with the rest of the mini in clearly in focus.
    I actually kinda like this cloak. I saw yesterday a person in a real black velvet robe; graduation time, all old faculty put on their $1000 robes. Well, it reflects almost like metal with many almost white highlights and a lot of shine.
  6. Jericho's Avatar
    I hadn't thought of Alberta Hobby, but yeah they just might have some of the elusive leaf scatter. Thanks :-D
  7. brad's Avatar
    Alberta Hobby on the yellowhead. Got loads of good stuff there. Also Redclaw has some galeforce9 stuff, got some great stuff there.
  8. brad's Avatar
    ahhh yes. Tom told me about that. He and G (H-elves) were there a few sundays for some games. If you get the chance try and make it down to R-C, I would love to see your models in person!!!
    p.s. good luck on the exams and such!
  9. Jericho's Avatar
    We rent out the War Room on Sundays, but we're not technically members there or anything.
  10. brad's Avatar
    war-room? Or in St. Albert? I drive over there from the west end.
  11. Jericho's Avatar
    I'm in a gaming club, we actually were playing with Tom from Red Claw before real life concerns took him away from us for a while. Weeknights were really booked up for me, between night classes and other commitments. I would consider gaming there more, but it's like a half hour drive from where I live :-D
  12. brad's Avatar
    Hey, just noticed your from Edm. I have been gaming and modeling at a place called "Redclaw" here in town. Every Wed. I head over for some games and such. Have you checked it out yet?
  13. Jericho's Avatar
    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Been a while since I had a comment on any blog posts :-D I should be able to get a decent amount of army painting done in the next 2 weeks once my finals/term papers are all turned in for the semester. I'm not sure what I want to do as gaming figs, or whether I want to make some into Games Day entries but I have way more ideas than I can fit into the categories right now!
  14. brad's Avatar
    Stuff has been looking great! I have been following the progress of your army for a while. I too am working on the W/E.
    I have turned 2 of the daemonettes into dryads to rep. my branchwraiths.
    Can't wait to see them and the stag conversion all painted up!
    cheers, B
  15. blackfly's Avatar
    I'm not particularly fond of the miniature, but you still made me take notice- well done. :)

    I particularly like your greens in all the various incarnations, and the helmet bronze. The blue swirlies on the horns look quite eye catching as well. Nice work!
  16. Jericho's Avatar
    I don't really plan on entering this guy in any contests, his main purpose will be to kick ass and take names in my army :-) I might toss him in the Golden Toadstool contest, like I've been doing lately with whatever random figs I finish that month.
  17. skeeve's Avatar
    I sense an entry for something here. Am I wrong? It looks very good. Although... the blue/white on horns may be a tad too bright. May be you can balance it by highlighting armor more. On the other hand it goes very well with the shield. Great mini overall
  18. Jericho's Avatar
    I actually paint quite slowly :-) After painting a few units of Wood Elves in the same colors, with a bit of help from Foundation paints, P3's and mixing pots full of ready to go hilights, it's pretty easy to crank up the speed a bit higher than on usual figures. This guy's probably I'm guessing 5 hours in, after priming. The conversion took a while, since his metal tree stump was pinned to a resin scenic base and then I piled on a ton of greenstuff to make it all work together. I also had to sculpt wood grain onto the metal part of the tree, which had almost no texture compared to the resin tree stumps. I think the shield is that really makes this guy work in the end.
  19. mattrock's Avatar
    jebus man, you paint FAST! It's looking great.
  20. Jericho's Avatar
    The model is wildly overladen with gear, but I think that's half his charm :) I'll try to make it look like he's not gonna tip over, don't worry!
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