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Finished Minis

  1. Big Bird is finished

    Got my Eagle all done up. I'll add some minor static grass to the base later, I'll do one big batch for all the new models. Took longer than I thought to paint this guy, the beak was fun and I added a little reflection on the pupil. I normally don't even try stuff like that with eyes :-)The magnetic wings worked out well, strangely enough the only thing giving me problems right now is the flying stand. It looks like the plastic is beginning to crack around where I pinned the peg into his belly. ...
  2. Proof!

    Proof I'm not completely inept at army painting ... just mostly inept.Perhaps more pics to come later, when I'm not rushed to leave for class :-)
  3. Actually finished a regiment

    I'm feeling kind of giddy at the moment. After a marathon session of painting at Tom's house last night, I got my second regiment of Glade Guard archers painted up for that Fantasy campaign I keep talking about. I did move away from the old color scheme in some ways (the first models for the army were painted prior to the army book's release, pre-release figs is one thing I miss deeply about working outside the hobby industry) but I think they look better for it. Much less bright and vibrant and ...
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