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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    40mm base = large monsters?! I'll be careful to read the fine details before I get to work on serious entries. I can get away with a 25mm base if I have to... but at the same time I wouldn't mind being able to enter something else in 40k Single.
  2. JakeSh's Avatar
    Yes, definately a sweet mini. I managed to find one MIB on eBay over the summer. Now if I could only motivate myself to paint him...
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    Make sure you know which category you enter him... To my extreeme displeasure, I just realized that all 40mm orks will be large monsters... I am not sure who came up with the idea of putting 40mm Ork and 6 inch avatar into the same category...
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    The antlers were a bit of a compromise... the other side was way easier but I had a hard time finding parts that fit together so I ended up using the skeleton bit to take some attention away from the shape of the antler itself :D Sneaky but hopefully it works, lol
  5. blackfly's Avatar
    Nice work Jericho. I'm not personally convinced by the body parts on the antlers. . .aexthetically I think it'd be better with out them, but thats just me. ;) I've never read the fluff. Looks like tight conversion work, and I like the GS fur!
  6. Jericho's Avatar
    I hate the GW Treeman... it looks so gimpy. The Treekin are way better, even though they look like they were done by the same sculptor. Oh well. I actually like the official Stag, but it's the rider I didn't like. I had these bitz lying around for ages, so it spared me a ton of cash buying a model I was gonna hack up anyway. Glad you like the conversion, hope to paint it up soon.
  7. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Nice rack, Jericho. :-D

    Although not in my initial 2000 pts army list, I would like to include a hero on great stag at some point, maybe in larger battles. I know many people think the GW one isn't all that great, hence the name "War Cow", so it's nice to see an alternative version.

    I'm also still trying to decide on what to do about a treeman. I don't really like the GW one (or the Treekin), although some conversions have looked quite good.
  8. Jericho's Avatar
    You mean the blue guy? He's one of the Spites that came sculpted on the model. I did a lot of sculpting to join the metal stump to the resin scenic base I had. The base was a tangle of vines and roots, and it was a bit of effort making the two join up. Also used a huge amount of greenstuff, probably as much as I normally use in 6 months :p
  9. blackfly's Avatar
    There's always time for painting! :)

    I really like that little urchin on the stump . .. is it a reptile of some sort?

  10. Jericho's Avatar
    Well my Wood Elves can't be too hard on my right now, they are getting more attention than they have had in years. I kinda wish I was less restless when I'm writing papers for class, every couple sentences I usually get up and walk around, occasionally doing something random for 5-15 minutes at a time. Somewhere along the line I probably spent an hour and a half on this guy when I really should've been pounding out that term paper. It's 10:47am, and I haven't slept yet... I get to present my essay to the class at 2:00pm :-)
  11. skeeve's Avatar
    I hear you.... for the third day in a row, I come home and see an ork that looks back at me clearly unhappy about any progress... I look at him ... and usually end up sleeping at random places in the apartment...
  12. blackfly's Avatar
    You should be happy with him, indeed. Very nice! I particularly like the variety and depth in the shades of greens used. As far as constructive criticism goes, I'd say the handle wrap on the hammer could use a light dusting to bring the texture out a little more, and I the same for the base maybe. Nothing extreme, but the concrete along the side and rear looks just a touch too monocromatic for my taste.

    Great work over all. :)
  13. Tom's Avatar
    wow man.. i love the metalics.. however did you do them;)

    Anyways, this guy looks amazing!
  14. matty1001's Avatar
    Now a 256GB SSD drive in a laptop would get me excited :D
    Though if you do get an Air, let me know what you think of it after a couple of weeks or so using it...
  15. Jericho's Avatar
    I don't think the Air's will decrease in price, but the trend with SSD tech has been to increase the capacity fairly rapidly while keeping prices about the same. I reckon within a year there will be 128-gig and 256-gig drives out, the latter being more expensive than today's prices by a few hundred bucks.
  16. matty1001's Avatar
    Yep I agree about the buisness/student market, just will be interesting to see how this pans out for Apple, and the rest of the industry.
    O and adding the option for SSD is interesting, certainly taking a leap into future advancements before other companies are doing it mainstream.
    And $100 for a port is still pushing the price closer to the MPB, and I know I would either, buy an entry level MBP which will last another 4 or 5 year (technology wise) then replace that which with an Air which has been developed and updated, or just hang on for a short while until the Air's drop in price, or get an upgrade. I really am all for waiting as Apple don't tend to get it right first time round, take a look at Apple TV for example, but at least they have got the balls to try...
    So good luck to them taking leaps, but il just sit back and watch lol
    It's movie rentals i'm interested in :D Can't wait for them to be out in the UK!
  17. Jericho's Avatar
    I am really not concerned about the lack of ports on this thing. You can buy a small USB Superdrive for $100 when you order the computer. Regarding wireless, I have the router at home (and if I move out I'll likely get the Time Machine wireless-N router/automatic backup hard drive Mac just released) and I wouldn't miss the Ethernet at all. I do kinda with they had 2 USB ports though, since I'm 99% of the time going to prefer a small mouse to the trackpad. I rarely use the optical drives so I'm not scared to have an external or using the network app they have. I don't think this will replace the Pro series at all, but it's a nice alternative. Mobility > power works for some people, I imagine students/business people will like the idea more than the average user/gamer.
  18. matty1001's Avatar
    I was a bit unsure at first. Fair enough, it looks flipping amazing but I feel Apple has just left stuff out in order to get it that thin (which is ironic considering what Steve was saying about other slim profile lapotps!)
    So it has no ethernet, not a problem considering wireless is the new craze, but not everyone has wireless (me included), a tiny number of ports and no optical drive, which just seems odd. That then means you have to have another computer in order to simply install stuff (putting the OSX installer on a disc, was that just cruel fate!?)
    But the original imac got away with the floppy drive, and everyone shit themselves thinking what was going to happen, so perhaps Apple is leading the way into a new era with data storage (I'm thinking more reliance on flash drives when the prices goes down.)

    So this definately isn't a computer that could be used as a replacement for a home set up, or even one for serious amounts of use, but for the price (not much less than an entry level MBP) Apple is asking for you would expect it to be.
    (And yes, I know the main market is for on the road users)

    So the jury is still out for me, il just sit back with my MBP and see how it does, hopefully not the same way as the cube,
  19. blackfly's Avatar
    great looking force!

    well done 8)
  20. Jericho's Avatar
    Closeup of the dragon requires me to touch up the dragon... it was painted on a tight deadline and I could've used another 2-3 hours to finish it up. I should totally do it though, it's kind of the centerpiece of the army at the moment... :-)
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