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  1. Another quickie

    Don't worry kids, it's not as dirty as it sounds. I'm still alive, and still occasionally sitting down and getting some work done. For the campaign I've had to build another 2 regiments, and once again my school work prevented me from doing any actual painting. 5 Glade Riders are 100% built and based, ready for primer. I've got to do another 4 Dryad conversions and then I'm good for 2000 points of Wood Elf goodness. Now all I gotta do is paint some mages and the last 3 Core units I've assembled, ...
  2. Sort of like an update

    Just thought I'd poke my head in the door to say something... I have been swamped with University stuff the last couple weeks and have barely picked up a brush this month. I found a bit of time to assemble and prime another dozen Glade Guard for the campaign, but that's about it. After I get some papers and stuff done this week I should be in reasonable shape for some painting the next little while. I would love to finish off some Core troops and paint up another Mage or two... and before too long ...
  3. Another Alter Kindred update

    Used my wet pallete for the first time on the runes. I mix up a lot of the blue/teal color all the time, and now I have a reasonably large amount of all the intermediate hilights and stuff. Should last a while, since it's usually an accent color and not used for large areas. And this way I don't have to make a bunch of mixing pots :-DSeeing the pics, I should paint the eyes of the hawk helm glowing blue/white, to match the runes. The forearms will likely match the boot leather, and the straps on ...
  4. Wood Elf campaign update

    Been a while since I mentioned the campaign specifically. I am happy to say that the Woodies have improved to 7-2. Additionally I claim a moral draw for one game against Dwarfs, since it would've been a draw instead of minor loss if we were using the correct bolt thrower rules (ie. not sniping my battle standard bearer). At any rate, I'm now one game away from potentially reclaiming first place in the campaign. I briefly held it, ie. for half a day on week two before I lost both games that week. ...
  5. Almost done Alter Noble

    Like the title says, I'm almost done with this guy. Just have to do the horns, forearms and the vine on the scythe really. The horns will be bone, with all the swirly runes being teal-white like on the shield. I think it'll look groovy. The runes will take forever though.  
  6. Mmm, primer fumes.

      The nice thing about having the big scythe on the Alter is that I can BS it to represent anything I want. Hand weapon, spear, or great weapon :-) It'll likely be a great weapon most of the time, and the shield simply as added protection against spells/arrows. 
  7. No sleep for the ... me

    Yep. I'm a dumbass. When I get good ideas for conversions after midnight, I don't shelf the idea and come back to it at a reasonable hour. No, sir.So aside from a bit of gap filling and pinning, I now have a built Glamorweaver on Unicorn for my Wood Elf army. I bet you can imagine how fun it was removing 2/3 of the Fay Enchantress from her mount, and removing the bottom half of the floating Mage without wrecking her dress. I think I coated my entire room in pewter/resin dust by the time I was done... ...
  8. Coolest model in the history of ever

    Your mileage may vary, but personally I think this sculpt is perfect. I'm thrilled to finally have this model. He's Nazgrub Wurrzag, ork scrap prospector. This fig from '97 has been one of if not my absolute favorite production model, and now I own one :-)At the moment he's chilling out on my drawing tablet, but once I figure out a scrapheap style base for him, I'll get to work painting the bugger. I plan on doing my best to emulate some of the absolutely amazing Ork skintones to come out of Games ...
  9. Finished Arwen model

    Hooray, I finally got pics of my finished Arwen model up. Do the vote thing here. Apparently the blog doesn't like it when I link images beyond about 550 pixels wide. I'll try to remember that so the formatting doesn't get screwed up
  10. Great Stag conversion

    Had a really fun time the last week or so converting up this new Wood Elf character. I bulked out a Dark Pegasus with a pile of greenstuff, and gave him a massive rack of antlers made out of Dryad branches and many many pins. If you look carefully, he even has the boy parts alluded to in previous posts :-)The "rider" is attached to the base with several magnets, so he can clip onto a regular sized base if the mount dies, or even if I just want to include him in an army without the Stag. ...
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