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  1. Should've kept my big mouth shut

    As the title suggests, I spoke too soon re: my computer situation. It didn't stay up and running for long, it was sidelined with more crippling errors shortly after I posted that. I haven't touched it for a few days, and I plan on wiping and trying one last time before setting it on fire. I'm probably not even kidding, it would be so incredibly satisfying...Anyway I've used my week off (spring break woo!) pretty well so far. I've done like 2 hours of reading for school and put probably 6 hours of ...
  2. Back up and running

    Hooray, things are working again. The first attempt to reinstall XP failed miserably when some of my drivers wouldn't install to the correct partitions (my ATI driver insisted on extracting half its files to C and half to D, awesome huh?) so I had to do it all over again. Back up and running though, and this time around I can actually log into Coolmini properly. For a while I was getting the bloody login errors that have been plaguing some people for months. Anyway I can get back to updates ...
  3. Reformat C:/

    This could be a really boring night. I'm done backing everything up, just need to burn one last CD with some drivers and updates on it to speed things up later. Pretty soon I'll have XP Pro (with a legit license key this time) and hopefully things will be just peachy. The only thing I'm worried about is my iTunes library, I don't think it'll preserve the star ratings when I rebuild my library... which will suck. I'm gonna make a few playlists so hopefully I can update the ratings faster if I need ...
  4. Define "productivity" ...

    Productivity is a tricky word to define sometimes. Tonight, for example, I got this much work done on my Wardancer Noble before I got finished the first page of a term paper in Comparative Literature.I still have a lot of work to do on the paper, so I won't dwell on the definition of productivity for too long... surely there's some wiggle room to accomodate the important things in life, like Wood Elves?
  5. I love being right, you can see it right there. 32 gig iPod Touch, surprisingly affordable. My predictions about solid state memory going down in price are holding up. I still say that we'll have a 128 gig MacBook Air by September (and $400 price drop on the current model... yeah I'm getting cocky and I love it!). If the prices drop this summer I'll officially be starting my told you so dance.
  6. Wood Elf army progress

    Well I'm happy to say that things are still going well in the campaign for me, I'm 3-0 with nothing but Massacre results so far. Granted it's extremely hard to tie in games of 500-700 points, where killing a single unit and capturing its banner is enough for an easy win. At any rate I find myself in first place out of 17 players, and that means that in 2 weeks when we meet again I will have a bonus 100 points for my army.Things like that are good news/bad news for me, since I have to paint models ...
  7. Master of the Fleet finally finished!

    Woohoo, finally finished! He's now known as Agrippa, Captain of IV Company and Master of the Fleet. His shin guard says "Classis" on it, which is Latin for fleet. Can't see it so good in the pics. You can vote for him here.Overall I'm really happy with him, with the exception of the freehand. The lettering didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but then I was fighting with a new 000 brush, it had one hair too long and it was cocking it all up good. Had to trim the one hair with ...
  8. Last WIP shot of Master of the Fleet

    Like the title says, I reckon this will be the last WIP shot of this guy. I just need to prime and paint him a backpack one of these days, and settle on a color for the hammer haft and he'll be good to go.I don't think I'll enter him in the Golden Goblin contest, I'd rather sleep in than paint a backpack first thing in the morning. And if I enter him now, then I can't enter him in the Golden Demon qualifier rounds later this year... I'm not sure if I'm going yet and I don't want to screw up my backup ...
  9. Two WIP models to report on

    I put a little bit of work this afternoon into some models, if I get them done tonight without completely destroying my chances of getting my homework finished for the weekend, then I'll enter them in the Golden Goblin painting contest Saturday.The Spellsinger is for the army, and isn't done to a true contest standard by any stretch of the imagination. I want one for Sunday's gaming though and I'll take whatever motivation I can get :-)
  10. Sisters of Twilight on Ceithin-Har... he's the dragon

    Just for you Skeeve.And who ever said peer pressure was a bad thing? Now I've got a dragon that's actually finished and matches the rest of my army properly. I should've put the couple of hours in to finish this model ages ago. If you want to vote for this model, linkage.
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