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  1. DaN's Avatar
    "including limited use of a trainer if I want" ... Oh aye... ? ;)

    Dammit Billy!
  2. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    Glad you liked the idea about your son's pictures.
    Even better that you've had a sucess and can fit into Smaller jeans. Jusyt wish I could do the same, personally I think my wife is deliberatly shrinking my clothes.
  3. wiccanpony's Avatar
    Congratulations Liz, keep up the good work! ...... I saw your son’s drawings, very nice, has he taken any art classes in school?
  4. john's Avatar
    I've always been big. Now I am starting to train to meet the requirements for the local Police Department. With cutting most of the sugars out of my life I was able to get out from under the obese heading into just fat. Hope you can have success too.
  5. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a plan. Exercise definately lifts the mood, as long as you pace correctly and don't overdo it. I'm supposed to be pacing all my activity, mental as well as physical. I'm pacing the physical ok but I have real difficulty pacing the mental, ie watching TV, using the computer etc. It's probably due to the fact that with the encouragement of my doctor and high doses of meds, I pushed myself to get through university. If you don't pace yourself and overdo things you get worse, then you rest, improve and then overdo things. That was your conditioning drops. That's something I learny only last year on my pain management group. So the key is to do what you can without making yourself worse and stick to that for a while. Then when it gets easier to do that, increase the activity. I just wish I could listen to my own advise.

    We say nice things about you because they're true. I like to read your posts.

    Just think, when you get your new knees, you'l be able to chase the boys again, not that we'll be trying hard to get away. ;-)
  6. wiccanpony's Avatar
    I know how you feel Liz, the wiccanpony that bounces all over CMON is my Spirit self, the reality is a whole lot more boring.

    Picture an older (59) lady with short gray hair, huge glasses do to the eyesight of a mole rat, a pear shaped figure with toothpick arms & legs, puttering around her house in a wheelchair ( how I miss being able to walk, one reason I like hearing about Billy’s soccer matches).

    This is what life has handed me, but along with it I have legions of good friends, tons of laughs that out number the times of tears. I live in truly interesting times and have more things to do then hours in a day.

    So let’s head over to the Freak Bar, have a drink and show those kids a think or two about having a good time.

  7. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    A lot of people feel the same way. I was about 145 lbs before I got glandular fever and then dropped to about 130 lbs. About 9 years ago, despite not changing my diet, I started to put on weight and in the space ofa couple of years I put on about 50 lbs of fat. I have lost a few since. As I have M.E. and have problems with fatigue I look tired all the time as well. I guess what I'm saying is that I certainly don't feel I look at all good. The picture I posted in the pyp thread that was 8 years ago. I probably weighed about 160 lbs there but I do look tired. My eyes are a bit wonky and they don't point in the same direction. A friend pointed it out when she realised I wasn't actually looking past her when I was talking to her, it's just only one eye was lookind directly at here. :-D. On my better days when I've had more rest I feel I look better. Now, you say you think the image in our heads of you is better than reality; but I'm willing to bet that it's the other way around for you. So you've gained a bit more cuddliness and some laughter lines. As for things more south than they were, well, you did move down to California. :-D.

    Whatever you look like, it will make no difference to how I, for one, feel about you. I think you're lovely.
  8. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    You can tell them that there have been lots of people affected by your power failure here on CMoN. We've been unable to rest easy knowing you have no food and are overheating.
  9. skeeve's Avatar
    Tornado in California? Hmm, how do you feel about tornado in Brooklyn? I don't really know when NYC had a tornado before. I didn't know that you can possibly have a tornado in any large city at all. as for an earthquakes.. just got a friend out of Peruvian "zone" - 7.9... So , if it makes you feel better there are places where it is almost as bad or even much worse. All this crap with power, though... that sounds like a man-made. Not sure what they think people supposed to do... eat out probably or live off canned food
  10. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    I haven't finished anything, all year. I've spent about 11 days painting and repainting the same small spot on one mini, which I messed up again today.

    Anyway, you do have something to show for it, you have a nice new outfit to wear in the freak bar, something for which there are lots of grateful people.
  11. skeeve's Avatar
    Sadly, but the feeling is painfully familiar. I had a frenzy of activity before GD Baltimore but then I almost had an anticlimax. I painted one full model, started bunch of dire avengers but never finished, started black ork warboss and never finished and then by the end of this month I realized that nothing really was finished for the whole summer...
  12. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    I hear ya. I have finished maybe 5 minis all summer. Started a metric buttload, but only finished those few.
  13. DaN's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that Liz.
    Lost my dog whilst I was away (at Hogmanay) over new year 2000-2001 :(

    We were never quite sure how old he was- given he was a rescue dog, but we had him 12 or more years (Since I was in first school anyway)

    I hope to have a dog again once I move out, and I hope you can find another great companion someday.

    RIP Spirit.
  14. Undave's Avatar
    Hey you should have mentioned it in the forum I'm sure a lot of the people on there have had similar experiences that they'd like to share.

    Myself, I've never been lucky enough to have a pet like that but then I've never been unlucky enough to have to say goodbye. My partners German Shepherd Kazzie had to be put down on very short notice a few months ago and unfortunately she could not be there at the end. Her horse Sparky also died a couple of years ago and she wasn't there to say goodbye either. It hit her very hard losing two of her best friends like that. So whilst I can't really appreciate how difficult it is for you I have been there for someone in your situation so you have my sympathies. Hope you feel yourself again soon
  15. Klaus's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of your loss. Pets do become part of the family and we get truly attached. when i was young i remember my dad having to carry our dog to the vets to be put to sleep..heart-breaking times.

    I think i can safetly say that all of our hearts go out to you.

  16. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    My heart goes out to you.
    My dad has just had to have his dog put to sleep after a Heart attack and that has affected me badly. She was my late mothers dog and I feel another great sense of loss with her passing.
    My own dog is now 11½ and we thought we were about to lose her on Sunday evening. Thankfully she's recovering.

    People who don't look after animals as part of their family do not understand exactly how much emotional investment you place in dogs. Thier simple Love, Loyalty and Trust in us is a tremendous gift. Even after the worst possible day at work her delight in seeing me come home is enough to break whatever dark mood I'm in.

    This will sound hard but after losing two other dogs the best possible thing to do is to adopt another and cherish it in the same way.

  17. uberdark's Avatar
    liz i really feel your pain. i still miss smokey and rocky..... i will be thinking of you.
  18. GobboTeef's Avatar
    My heart goes out to you, really. I have two dogs. We got the younger one 3 years ago because the elder is getting on and really, although it seems hard, getting another pet is the easiest way through. You have someone to replace your friend, who was and will be always with you.
    My condolences, i wouldn't wish it on anyone, i dread the day when i have to say goodbye to my dog.
  19. AinuLainour's Avatar
    Sometimes, I think, pets pass between being pets and being members of the family. I've had fish, underwater frogs, and two guinea pigs, but none of them have ever connected with me like my one and only dog. He was a member of the family, and had to be put down about 3 years ago, november 11. I wont ever forget him, and I know it's the same with Spirit for you.

    Good luck, Spirit, you will be missed.
  20. No Such Agency's Avatar
    Oh dear. My condolences, liz. I had to euthanize my cat Mango last fall, he had cancer. I got some consolation from the knowledge that he'd had a great life, was adored by almost everyone who met him, and that I couldn't allow him to suffer. I still cried a lot though.
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