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  1. Ghrask Dragh's Avatar
    Thank you Jericho, black and green sounds like a great idea.
    What if a painted the cloak black lightly highlighted, then glaze a layer of dark green ink over the whole coak, just to give it a green tint and highlight the faces with alot lighter greens making them stand out from the dark cloak and as you say add the creepy feel to it. What do you think?
    I was thinking of green for the jewels too, if I did the whole glowing eyes thing in green aswell it might get a bit too much. There's alot of red in there though so might not be too bad.
    I have say I love painting this mini, hopefully I get another one at some point in the future.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    I say keep the cloak black, and go for a green/white glow for the faces sculpted in the cloth. Should look suitably creepy/magicky. It contrasts sharply with the red armor as well, but the white should tone down the green a bit so it doesn't clash.

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