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Hi, my names Alex, i'm 15 years old and i live in Derby , UK. I've been painting for round 4 years, i started off with airfix kits, then i got into GW through their LOTR collection, which i then descovered where very poor minis, and obveously the best thing on the market were space marines. Well a few years on, i'm still a huge fan of the imperium, but have now branched out into all aspects of GW minatures. =) CMON rules!

  1. Rant about GW

     Abuse. I may be young and naive but! but!, i do know what respect is. Today when going to the gw store, i met a GW staffer who was on a transfer because the regular staffers were ill. He seemed a nice enough guy, but when i sat at the modeling table, i soon found that he was a GW brainwashed zombie. When rumaging through my paints, i seleced a vallejo white, straight away he was breathing down my neck, ranting about getting paint in my eye...??!? WTF! what kind of a retard did he think i was? ...
  2. First blog 30/11/07

    Been very busy this week, lots of revision for GCSE mock exams in December. Not had a chance to get up to much painting. I made a start on a new high elf wizard for my brother (little does he know this will be his only xmas present). I put the finishing toutches to Grimgor Ironhide, which i had been painting for a while. I also made a start on a large base for an Inquisitor minature i'm going to purchasce. I'm thinking of going to GW Derby today, as i have the day off, i'm thinking of picking up ...

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