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My blog.  Mine!  All mine!  A place for me to babble and post WIPs and general babbly shtuff.  Oh, and do me a fav?  I know my pictures aren't high-quality; gimme time, I just started picking up a camera.  S'why I haven't posted any pics to CMoN's mini gallery yet.

  1. Shadow Steed: based on WoW's Death Knights

    Thought I’d disappeared, did you? Well....I did. But I’m back!  With pictures! As you may or may not know, I am part of a D&D group.  One of my friend's characters is able to summon a Shadow Steed.  It's supposed to have all the color sucked out of it -- it's essentially a horse made only of shadow.  I paint minis, so he asked me to pick up a figurine for his Shadow Steed.  Although it's supposed to be all ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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