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  1. Witchwater's Avatar
    Hiya, Skeeve! Thanks for the input! You know, I did try doing exactly that with the hanging chain, but unfortunately my Blue Glow skills are still VERY mediocre. I decided to paint over it in an effort to save the mini's overall look.

    Fortunately I have other horses now, thanks to that boxed set. Looks like it's practice, practice, practice for me. :)

    Thanks again for the input -- I truly appreciate it. :)
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    It looks very cool, but, I would add bright blue reflections on all metallic parts on the "lower" side of the horse. Especially the chain. It has two parts, one that clings to the neck - that I would leave as is. THe other part is hanging. THis is what I would focus on. IT will look really cool if you put deep shadow on the top part facing sky (yeah, I know - counterintuitive), and puut bright blue reflection on the bottom fading into the shade on the top.
    Same goes for the chaos symbol - much brighter lower tips and much darker the upper ones
  3. blackfly's Avatar
    Yup, be prepared for annoyances with this blog software. Many bugs that will not be fixed. Safari and Firefox compatibility is terrible, etc. *shrug*

    Welcome to the fun of it though... good luck with that big beastie of a fig. :)
  4. Amazon warrior's Avatar
    Just thought I'd say, entertaining post, and it all seems to have come out ok- text, pictures, all that jazz. Sounds like you have an awesome GM! :)

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