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Painting and Modelling

  1. Salamander Dreadnaught

    A couple of pics of the WIP.
    This one is one that I'm fairly happy with. If I find a good way of fixing the flames that is.
    I wish I had a twin linked heavy flamer for him.


    I plan on donning him a cloak of salamander skin, dragon skin to represent added armour.
  2. Salamander HQ squad

    This is probably the toughest bunch to paint in any army.
    With all those details I find myself wishing for some decent paints. I use Tamya and deco paints but especially the whites and yellows are a royal pain.
    My first attempt at a banner failed because I used the wrong black, it had a hard time drying and so it got smudged. Also, the white really isn't white at all. I do like the background colour though.

    I had the most trouble with my champion. I started out giving ...
  3. Painting the Salamander Scouts

    Here's a step by step of my scout squad.
    Sort of.
    After priming them, adding base color and some highlights it's time for some details.

    Next, I've assembled them.

    I forgot about the dark skin and red eyes of the salamanders so I had to redo them. After that I set them on their base.

    I tried painting the salamander logo freehand but failed miserably.
    The cloaks worked out fine though.
  4. 3rd company Army List

    So, here's the army list for the Salamanders.
    I used 5th edition for the list.
    First of all we have the HQ.
    They are led by a Captain with a stormbolter and a power fist.
    The Command Squad consists of a Champion with power sword & combat shield
    An Apothecary.
    3 Veterans 1 standard bearer with a combi melta gun.
    1 Flamer
    1 Vet with Power Fist & Plasma Pistol.
    Total Cost: 128 for the captain. 200 for the squad.
    Then a Predator ...
  5. Project Salamanders Megaforce

    A couple of years ago I bought a Space Marine Megaforce.
    Now I have finally started painting them.
    At the moment I still have LOTS of work. Mainly details, inkwashes, highlights and some SERIOUS cleaning up.
    Here are some pics of the WIP:
    I'll get in more detail soon.
    Feel free to leave a comment.
    A look at the scouts cloaks:

    A couple of scouts in front view:

    The Predator:

    Dreadnought WIP:

    The Commander ...

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