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Rune Wolf

  1. State of my armys (paint jobs)

    So far I've been concentrating on painting the Wolves, as I didn't have any totally painted models to start off with. Currently I have:7 Blood Claws
    4 Grey Hunters
    2 Grey Hunters
    I'm trying to make the Grey Hunters up to minimum squads of 6, and then get a HQ choice (probably a venerable dread as I have one that is already half painted) so I have a legal army. (minimum for wolves is 1 HQ per 750pts and 2 Grey hunter squds which are our standard troops)
    As for the Empire, I already ...
  2. Look what arrived at work today...

    YAY!  Should beef up my force to a decent size!All I gotta do now is build/paint it all. 
  3. Adding to the Sons of Russ

    Space Wolves were my first and best loved 40k Army, ever since I started.  I lost a lot of the models from my original army, and stopped playing for a period of about 5 years.  Now I'm eager to get right back into painting and converting so this is what I had left over:Venerable Dreadnought (converted 'nilla metal dreadnought)
    Iron Priest
    various metal Terminators7 Wolves 9 Blood Claws
    6 Grey Hunters
    12 Grey Hunters1 Land Speeder (missing parts)
    1 Biker ...

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