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Painting and Modelling

  1. Italian GD...2012

    Plenty of projects for  Italian Golden Demon 2012...and Italian GD 2011 is not arrived yet!
    Dwarfy things made (for a painter)...demon things(for a special playing table made with my friend Giovanni)...
    Wish me good luck!
    PS:don't take this as a rumor for when GW will do new dwarfs...i'm only a fan...not working for them.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Dwarf maiden and other things...

    Here is a copy of my dwarf maiden...a friend of mine made me 14 copies and i gifted some of them to my friends...but if you're interested in it just contact me...i have a couple of them...

    Here's a pic made by that friend...with his painted version...
    I had an unused minotuar body...i decided to sculp a BIG ogre...for a Mordheim band...but after have finished it i realised i have no real use for it...if someone's are his pictures. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Squigs

    I made some squigs for a friend...
    The gallery
    Nothing exceptional but...he seems to be happy because of them.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Conversions


    I've started sculpting and converting a little bit more seriously...

    i hope you like's a GW minotaur converted to "giant"ogre for a Mordheim warband...

    Painting and Modelling ,

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