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captain kermit

  1. off we go . . .

    So - to business, I bought a box of boyz as my first Orks and was pleased with the amount of bitz that come with the plastic set. Anyway I made 2 models so far the nob with a power klaw and the dude with the big shoota. I made both these guys outta the box currently and i am currently deciding on what to add to them. Until then its under the scalpel for both of them.
  2. on my way . . .

    Hey all, I am new to the site and the principle of recording my work like this. Painting and modelling however are not new to me so there is no problem there. The new army is Orks, having had trouble with painting space marines - always have trouble painting hard lines and extreme highlighting i decided to go to something that has a more natural feel to them.I'll be painting this army as my aside for schoolwork. Therefore this will not be a slap up army, it'll be painted probably over the next year ...

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