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  1. Templar knight with "Baucant" (Pegaso)

    Some days ago I orderd the Templar knight with "Baucant" from Pagaso. I allways wanted to paint a Knignt like Miniatur and was really amazed by this one. I also order a wooden socket, were I could put on the knight. This one is from Andrea.The Miniature is really detailed and the qualitiy is very good. It has 24 parts, wich fit really good an only the Horse and the for the coat needed some work, which were done with Greenstuff.Than I assembled the included base on the wooden socket ...
  2. Long time no see

    It's been a while, that I painted some Miniatures. Somtimes I have phases like this, that I don't paint anything for over a year.You look at a miniature an you imediatly have no motivation to do anythiny and if you try to paint, nothing works really like you want. But my motivation is back and I will document on this blog my newest work, a 54mm Templar from Pegaso. Vahilor  

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