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  1. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Redoing the loincloth I think, the leaves relief looks, frankly, rubbish.
  2. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    That is, a new mounted Daemonette model, with a dryad head and sculpted tentacles, complete with "Fiend" mount so she can be fielded with the Seekers, which might keep her alive a bit longer. ;)

    Might use the daemonettes' larger claws as the Fiends' main weapons, seeing as I only need a set of 3.
  3. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    With the advent of the new Seeker models coming out now, my fiends will be Mounts of Slaanesh (the new ones) with suitably evil claws and the tongues snipped off. Also considering redoing my Herald of Slaanesh using the Daemonette models, greenstuffed and with a "feminine" Dryad head, probably with some greenstuffed hair/tentacles to go with the Whispers a bit more.
  4. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Blue washes in the recesses on their skin with violet around the "flushed" areas would make them look less dead, that's for sure, and wouldn't detract from the otherworldly attributes. Thanks for the hint :). As this is a destroyed city with the Daemons running amok, I guess theyd paste it wherever they could. Some thoughts I'd had were to have it be an Exterminatus notice, which would be delightfully ironic.
  5. Observer's Avatar
    Well, I'd add more (blue, violet) colours.
    Do Imperials hang their documents to boulders? It looks like in fairy-tales, when heroes stand on crossroads and read which ways to choose ))
  6. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    It's a piece of parchment from the Flaggelants sprue. I'm going to paint it up as some kind of Imperial document or warning of some kind. Any suggestions? The models I was thinking of repainting are the two whispers who are painted in the photos. They just seem so crude under the camera.
  7. Observer's Avatar
    I have not seen the figures you are going to repaint, but as for me I never do so. Sometimes it's even curious to look at one and the same model which you painted recently and few years ago.
    As for Whispers their bases a pretty good. One question - what's that curved plastic thing glued to the stone on photo 6?
  8. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    One of the nice things about the game as stands (as I spoke to my GW staff about it before going ahead) is that it works off the actual model height, whether that's scenery, basing or the creature itself. The model in the V in the tree has a much bigger LOS than other models. On the flip side, she's also more likely to be shot too.

    I have my own backstory for the Wood Eldar of this planet, and for the technology of the bows. It's cousin to the technology of the Eldar which allows them to have very thin and flexible armour. Upon a trigger (I think its psychic or something), the material becomes rigid. So with the bows, you make it flexible, draw it back, make it rigid and it snaps back with the force of several thousand pounds of pressure (which is what bow strength is measured in), easily enough to kill, pierce and make serious holes in tanks. Normal longbows with a mere 200lbs pull have been known to punch straight through cars from midrange on a straight trajectory. As Eldar shoot small solid darts anyway, they replace shuriken weaponry fairly intuitively, and give them a definite look for the army.

    The Wood Eldar are Exodites which settled on a temperate planet, and in the years of isolation, learnt to use their environment as an advantage as their technology usage began to fail. They placed their souls into the keep of their planet, as Exodites are wont to do, using a combination of standing stones and such to create the weaves necessary. Instead of wraithbone, they grew the trees of their world, infused with the souls of their people, into the shapes they needed. The few Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks and others upon the planet adapted to their new home and roles over the centuries, until they became bastardised versions of their purer selves on the Craftworlds. When finally they had contact with other Eldar, they were seen as primitive savages, adapting themselves rather than making their environment adapt to them.

    Cue campaign hooks/setting for the campaign myself, my bf and my brother are running.

    Sometime over the intervening millenia the Wood Eldar had gone from worshipping Khaine to worshipping the "spirit" of their planet, only makes the Craftworlders more nervous... And then there is the rumour that they have an ancient and forgotten Altar to Khaine, complete with an Avatar, long gone to rust and vine, somewhere in the deep forest.

    Okay, maybe I think about my armies too much :D.
  9. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Hrm, now considering putting in a group of 10 Daemonettes so my Herald of Slaanesh could sit with them and they're Fleet, so they're no slouches. Modelling wise, with the plastics I can do a straight swap with the claws for dryad arms, which suit my army a lot better - and I can wrap tentacles (green stuff) or chains around the one-boobed corset which I HATE. Do love their feet though. Oddly. The unpretty faces really don't matter in my army, though I may greenstuff fill some of the wrinkles in :P. Maybe chop off their noses...
  10. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    While I'd prefer my Herald of Tzeentch to stay near/with the Horrors for protection, the Herald of Slaanesh would be better served on a Mount, unfortunately I heavily converted her and as such it would require a complete overall and obtaining another rare and expensive Seeker model in order to do so :(.

    I like my Seekers because they are better than Daemonettes, better models (I really dislike those claws). The Fiends are a little heavy on the points side, that extra attack and strength costs you an extra 13 points a model! Also, the model is just.. mm. It could work with some conversion but if I did Fiends I would definitely change some of it. They're decent back-up units for some of the lighter Fast Attacks, though their high points cost means that I can't take more than a small handful without swapping out several units to get them. 5 Fiends would swap out nicely for the 10 Furies. (150 in both cases)

    The Daemon Prince comment is fairly valid. Two set-ups are also possible that could be swapped out easily enough.

    Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Daemonic Flight, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch (180)

    Jump Infantry, +1 Toughness, Close Combat Attacks wound on a 2+ (poison). [Remove Screamer leader's Unholy Might (5 points) to make up the points cost.]

    Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: Daemonic Flight, Mark of Slaanesh, Soporific Musk, Aura of Acquiescence (175)

    Jump Infantry, +1 Initiative, Hit & Run, count as equipped with assault and defensive grenades (can charge through difficult terrain without taking a difficult terrain test, enemy units do not get an Assault Attack Bonus when charging.)

    Obviously which one to use depends on which army I'm fighting that day. I've found that my Screamers backed up with my Keeper of Secrets tend to eat through tanks. My biggest problem with my army is keeping them alive long enough to survive to do some damage (and sometimes, to even get onto the board! Three of my units exploded on impassable terrain last time I played. Still won though. :D)

    *cough* Of course, this army list is valid for Planetstrike: Asaault, but not general 40k as it has four Fast Attack choices (whoops!) so I really do need to decide what my next unit to collect will be. I have a very strict visual theme for my army, and I prefer units which fit the "feel" of Obscuras - that is, fast close combat or powerful ranged weapons. Fiends, with a complete model makeover, I've been considering for a little extra punch, though I think they're better for mowing through infantry troops than divebombing the tanks.

    At the end of the day though, I'm happy to have finally collected a valid (sort of!) 1500 army of models which are based and ready to roll :). It's quite the achievement and I'm going to bask in it. Especially as it was originally a Hordes of Chaos army! (Furies were Core in that.)

    Next up is greenstuffing cracks, slotbases and the robes on the Daemon Prince I lifted up on curling wires. And the Keeper of Secrets.. and those two new Horrors.. and converting that Screamer.. Okay, maybe I'm not quite finished.

    And that's not even thinking about painting. This is going to take forever.
  11. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Sold on Ebay for £40.00
    Any comments on conversion, painting style or advice still warmly appreciated!
  12. jarhead's Avatar
    lovely idea... looks very cool so far... keep him rising from your roots...
  13. Martin's Avatar
    Wow i realy love the idea i can`t wait to se some paint on it.

    Regards Martin

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