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Various ramblings on the epic tasks of creating two completely unique armies, and the various side projects to paint and sell she embarks upon.

The two armies are Chaos Daemons (40k) and Eldar. What makes them unusual is that the Chaos Daemons are Obscuras daemons (for the last time I didn't make him up) and the Eldar are Wood Eldar (Exodites but not jungle/Lustria based), basically Wood Elves in space. Daemons are my first army, but the Wood Eldar are unique in that each model is a complete mish mash of various bitz and lots of green stuff, and each one is completely unique.

  1. Stripping Whispers

    Well, I finally got around to stripping the two already painting Whispers in preparation for my colour changes/updates and general (hopefully) upgrading of my models.
    As the models are metal, I use a cheap acetone-based nail varnish remover. My models had several layers of paint on them, along with a gloss varnish and then matt. I left them in the acetone for 24 hours and then carefully peeled the paint off the models. It comes off fairly easily, but I wouldn't recommend scrubbing as it just ...

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