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Various ramblings on the epic tasks of creating two completely unique armies, and the various side projects to paint and sell she embarks upon.

The two armies are Chaos Daemons (40k) and Eldar. What makes them unusual is that the Chaos Daemons are Obscuras daemons (for the last time I didn't make him up) and the Eldar are Wood Eldar (Exodites but not jungle/Lustria based), basically Wood Elves in space. Daemons are my first army, but the Wood Eldar are unique in that each model is a complete mish mash of various bitz and lots of green stuff, and each one is completely unique.

  1. Fiends Conversion

    Considering doing a new daemons of Obscuras conversion, this time for the Fiends, so I can have a valid army list for normal Warhammer 40k!The Fiends are quick and lethal with rending attacks. Inspiration struck in the form of the Steed of Slaanesh from the Slaanesh Champion box and the new Ravener's plastic box. By these powers combined, I give you a quick Photoshop of what the resulting models would look like, with suitable change of colour scheme.Daemonette bodies, Ravener (Tyranids) tails. Heavy ...
  2. Whisper (Daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh) Bases

    Well, some of the Whispers have been based and finished, ready for base-coating, so here they are. I went for a rubble and destroyed urban feel for the bases. I recently ordered some of the new Forge World weathering powders so will probably be using a lot of the concrete dust effects when I paint them.Like a lot of painters, I look at the painting on my older figures and cringe. Unfortunately I don't want to strip these models become they did come out so well at the time. Still unsure, do you think ...

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