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Various ramblings on the epic tasks of creating two completely unique armies, and the various side projects to paint and sell she embarks upon.

The two armies are Chaos Daemons (40k) and Eldar. What makes them unusual is that the Chaos Daemons are Obscuras daemons (for the last time I didn't make him up) and the Eldar are Wood Eldar (Exodites but not jungle/Lustria based), basically Wood Elves in space. Daemons are my first army, but the Wood Eldar are unique in that each model is a complete mish mash of various bitz and lots of green stuff, and each one is completely unique.

  1. The Daemons (Conversions and Paintjobs)

    Shadow, ice, darkness, fear. I took the general theme of choosing three colours for your army, a base, a complement and an accent. I chose black as my base (obviously), white as the complement, and blue as my accent. Silver was favoured for metallic over golds to keep the colour scheme as cool as possible.ShadowphytesFor the generic warriors of Obscuras, I chose Horrors as the base and for the rules. I filled in the gaping mouth with green stuff and then drilled a hole into the top of their ...
  2. The Tale of Obscuras

    My first army is Chaos Daemons (or Daemons/Hordes of Chaos when I played WFB). About seven years ago I found mention of a Chaos God called Obscuras on I am not sure if this has ever been canon, though statements range from it being canon in an old version of WFB, WFRP, or never been canon at all but fanmade. Regardless, I really liked the idea and I incorporated it into my army, converting my miniatures to reflect it. The background for WFB was spelt out in the article I found, however ...
  3. Slaaneshi Chaos Lord on Dragon

    As side projects, sometimes I pick up whatever random models have fallen through the army net and put them together and paint them. In this case, I had converted a High Elf Dragon for my Obscuras army, just in time for the codexes to change. As most of my troops were Daemons, I shifted to that codex and my option of a Lord on a Chaos Dragon was dropped. Even further went my chances of fielding this model when I decided to concentrate on 40k due to my brother and boyfriend playing it (Imperial Guard, ...
  4. Green of my Wraithlord/Woodlord

    Well, I guess we can start with the basics. My name is Sarah, and I am a GW afficionado. Despite preferring fantasy games to sci-fi, I am stuck with a brother and boyfriend who play 40k and no-one to play fantasy with in my area *sniff sniff*. Therefore, I more or less converted Wood Elves into 40k, but with a bit more technology. Let me add that the Pathfinder rules for Eldar are evil, in a good way. My opponents now cherish anything that doesn't allow for cover saves. I also play Obscuras ...
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